Quick breakfast review: Cafe D’Vine, Middle Swan

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Cafe D’Vine has been on my list of restaurants to try in the Swan Valley area for some time, and it has a reasonable rating on Urbanspoon (although recent reviews have tended towards the negative). The website gives the impression that it is situated in a winery setting – which is what I was expecting – although in reality there’s not much greenery in sight as it’s actually located next to a Shell service station.


The patch of grass at the bottom of the photo separates Cafe D’Vine’s car park from the service station. Classy.


Cafe D’Vine is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday – Sunday, and breakfast on weekends. We went on a Saturday morning and it was very quiet (there was only one other couple there) – apparently Sunday is their busy breakfast day. It’s larger inside than I was expecting and the table settings were clean and functional, although nothing fancy – yes, that’s paper on top of the tablecloths.

You can see the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus here. The dinner menu is quite comprehensive, offering a large variety of meat, seafood and pasta dishes with main courses around the $25-$30 mark. Most of the lunch items (steak sandwich, BLT, hamburger, vegetable stack etc) are $16.50.


The indoor fountain is a bit weird. And dry.


Momentarily losing control of my faculties, I ordered a cappuccino. The coffee underneath the three inches of foam was surprisingly drinkable. Verdict: I’ve had worse.


I ordered “The Lot” with steak, lamb cutlet (not listed on the menu), sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans and toast ($19.50). Unfortunately it wasn’t particularly good – the eggs were very rubbery and the steak was inedibly tough. The beans were nice.


Renay should have ordered the “Vegetarian Plate” with eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, baked beans and toast ($15.50) but didn’t read the menu properly and ended up with the savoury scrambled eggs with spinach, mushroom, tomato, onion, cheese and toast ($12.50). She wasn’t a big fan of this dish, but blames herself for ordering the wrong thing. I tasted it, and it was very salty.

Other breakfast items include pancakes with berries, maple syrup and fresh cream ($12.50), toasted muesli with vanilla yoghurt and berries ($12.50) and ham or salmon Benedict ($15.50). There’s also a kids menu.


I should point out that the service was friendly and prompt, our meals arrived quickly and the portion sizes were decent, but – and I hate sounding like a snob – we’re used to eating better food in nicer places than this. Some of the Urbanspoon comments implied that the restaurant had recently changed hands which might explain what we experienced, as Cafe D’Vine must have some kind of returning customer base for it to keep its doors open.

This is definitely one for the locals, and whatever regulars there may be. For anyone coming into the area, there are much better places to eat less than ten minutes away.

Cafe D'Vine on Urbanspoon

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