Questions to Ask When Choosing a Coffee Roaster for Your Sydney Cafe

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of the leading cities for local and international travellers in Australia. Known for its gorgeous beaches, vast nature reserves, and impressive architectural gems, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the town welcomes over 15 million visitors every year. Not surprisingly, The Emerald City is the top tourism earner in the country with nearly $20 billion in overall visitor spending in 2018-2019.

Apart from remarkable tourist attractions, Sydney, just like the rest of Australia, is also famous for its coffee drinking culture. One study shows that the majority of Sydneysiders are out early in the morning just to get their coffee fix. Given the high demand, you are on the right track if you are planning to open your café.

However, note that Australians care deeply about the quality of their coffee. As such, you must select the best coffee roasters in Sydney to succeed. Consider asking the following questions to help guide you toward the right supplier:

What is the Roaster’s Reputation in the Coffee Industry?

Your coffee supplier should be, first and foremost, a company that has established a good reputation in the local coffee industry. Ask around and do your research. You can attend events that will get you acquainted with the major players in the Sydney coffee scene.

Learn all that you can about the coffee roasters in your area. Do not rely solely on promotional campaigns and website descriptions, but ask coffee shop owners and seek out clients about their experience. Pay careful attention to the company’s roasting and brewing experience.

Talk with each supplier to gauge their passion and philosophy in what they do. And more importantly, taste their coffee! After all, the proof of quality and reputation all boils down to taste.

Where Do They Source Their Coffee Beans?

Another important consideration is the region or farm the coffee beans come from. Remember how the taste and quality of specific produce differ depending on the area it was harvested? The same principle rings true for coffee beans.

The location and type of farm affect the quality and taste profile of the beans. Research on the best coffee region for the kind of brew you intend to offer and acquire as much information as you can about the farms that produce the best beans to serve as your reference.

Is Their Coffee Fresh?

Given that any coffee business needs to protect the quality and flavour of coffee beans, you should ensure that the roaster you are eyeing offers fresh coffee. Note that while green coffee beans retain their original properties for a long time, they immediately lose their freshness once they are roasted.

You might as well bid goodbye to your venture if you serve coffee made from stale roasted beans. Since roasted coffee has a shelf-life of seven to fourteen days, find a supplier that knows how to store their roasted beans in a way that ensures optimum freshness. The vendor should also have a system in place that guarantees their clients will receive freshly-roasted coffee seeds.

Partnering with the right coffee roasters in Sydney is a must for any café owner as it directly impacts the products you offer. Keep in mind that you can only appeal to the discriminating taste of your customers by consistently providing high-quality coffee. Think about the discussion points above and take your time searching for the vendor that will meet your needs and help you grow.

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