Queensland’s Best Fishing Spots

Fishing is an activity that means many different things to many people. For some it’s a sustainable way to feed their families that encourages them to be more self-reliant while enjoying delicious and nutritious line-caught goodness. For others, it’s an opportunity to explore the wonders of the great outdoors with your family or friends. And for more still it’s a chance to relax and enjoy some quiet solitude in some of the natural beauty for which Australia is justly famed throughout the world. Whatever your reasons for fishing, however, Queensland is an amazing place to do it. 

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Here we’ll take a look at some of the state’s most stunning fishing spots which offer a great catch as well as naturally gorgeous and serene surroundings…

Fraser Island

The World Heritage Site of Fraser Island has its own unique ecosystem with deserts, rain forests and, of course, a wealth of aquatic activities including snorkelling, diving and yup you guessed it… fishing! Take a look at some of the tours available at https://www.adventurefree.com.au/top-destinations/fraser-island-tours/day-tours and you’ll see that the island offers a wealth of activities for those who love spending time in and around the water. 

It’s accessible from Brisbane as well as other major cities like Melbourne and Sydney via Hervey Bay. On the western side of the island you have the chance to catch all kinds of reef fish, jewfish, wahoo, mackerel, mack tuna, black kings, amberjack, trevally, tailor, whiting, bream, flathead, tarwhine and swallowtail.


As Bart Simpson would say… Aye Karumba! Off the coast of Karumba in tropical North Queensland, you’ll reach the Gulf of Carpentaria which is a haven for those who crave a big catch. Here you can find jewfish, barramundi and king salmon as well as the epic bragging rights that come with catching them. 

If you don’t have a boat that doesn’t preclude you from getting a great catch as Karumba has a wealth of shore-based fishing spots. However, if you’d rather venture out a little there are many charter boats to choose from.


Rum aficionados will already be familiar with the coastal city of Bundaberg, but as well as boasting some impressive distilleries, Bundaberg is also famous for its wealth of incredible fishing spots. It has been a haven for dedicated anglers for many years, offering great inland and offshore fishing opportunities. 

Those who are familiar with the process of trolling (outside of Twitter) will find that this is a really effective way to lure in some big catches including tuna, mackerel and billfish. 


Finally, venture just shy of 40km north of Rockhampton and you’ll happen upon the coastal township of Yeppoon. This unassuming town is a haven for recreational fishing, allowing easy access to the Keppel Island Group and where you can enjoy stunning scenery as you wait for your next big catch.

And because Yeppoon falls neatly within the newly created Net Free Fishing Zone there’s ample opportunity for you to make those impressive catches. 

Along the Capricorn Coast you’re sure to find everything from snapper and flatheads to cobia and mackerel. 

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