Product Review: SPC Vegemite Baked Beans

SPC baked beans vegemite

SPC Vegemite baked beans. I’m not sure why everyone is suddenly getting worked up about these. They’ve been on the shelves for weeks, and I don’t see what’s crazy about adding some umami to a rich tomato sauce? You’d think Heinz ham and barbecue varieties never existed…

These do exactly what they say on the tin. They smell and taste of Vegemite, but in a decent ratio so they’re not offensive. They’re closest in colour and flavour to the aforementioned barbecue variety, but if you don’t like Vegemite then these obviously won’t be for you.

if you’re a baked bean fan, definitely give these a try. If you’re not, just wait until Heinz start releasing all their new bean-based products here.

(And before anyone starts jumping up and down about tinned beans for breakfast, they are the original product introduced to the UK by Heinz in 1886. It’s your ramekins of tasteless, undercooked beans that are the imitation. I’ve eaten breakfast at Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay restaurants in the UK and the beans were tinned *rant over*)

The Shelf Life Verdict
  • SPC Vegemite Baked Beans

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