Review: McDonald’s Curry Sauce & Mighty Hot Sauce

McDonald's curry & mighty hot sauce

Macca’s second nugget sauce drop happened today, and it’s a bit more exciting this time around.

  • Curry! I love curry sauce, but for some reason you can’t buy it bottled. Even the original HP variety from the UK isn’t available any more. This stuff is great, and I’ll be hoarding as much as I can for use on sausages, fish & chips and many things other than nuggets.
  • Mighty Hot Sauce. This is an interesting one; contains milk but presumably doesn’t come straight out of a cow ? I was expecting some boring, thin hot sauce but it has a ketchup-like texture and some real heat. Great dipping sauce.

These sauces are only available in-store and probably won’t be around for long.

The Shelf Life Verdict
  • Curry Sauce
  • Mighty Hot Sauce

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