Review: Domino’s Burger Joint Pizza

dominos burger joint

Against my better judgement I decided to try one of Domino’s new “Burger Joint” range. I chose the “bacon cheeseburger” pizza with beef burger pieces, American cheese slices, mozzarella, butter pickles, bacon and topped with burger sauce.

I ordered a mini version, mainly because the thought of pickles on a pizza makes me gag. Unfortunately you can’t pick a base with the minis and they come as deep pan, which is like chewing through a box of tissues.

Anyway… yes, the taste is burger reminiscent but that’s mainly due to the “special” sauce, which could be any supermarket one. I tried removing the pickles but one sneaked under the radar. Yuck. I didn’t notice the cheese slices.

If you like Domino’s and this interests you then by all means try them; I doubt you’ll be desperate to order again, though. Maybe just try and get the burger sauce added to your existing favourite.

Domino's Burger Joint Pizza
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

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  • Watched adds on tv / looks yum
    While I realised yep that’s the promotion aspect

    Just had to try/ now I feel like I’ve got a big doeball in my stomach
    Next to no filling / could even count
    The pickles/ decided just to scrape
    Filling off the top- minute just a big
    Doe ball/ Yuk Rating of 1 for pleasant delivery person and 1/2 for being almost hop Yuk Yuk Yuk

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