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Australia is a country brimming with incredible road trips, and now that the summer months are upon us, many of you will be preparing to explore this great nation. With so many different options and diverse landscapes to explore, there really is something for everyone. Of course, to enjoy the best experience possible, you will want to put plenty of time into planning your trip. Here are a few of the main points that you need to consider.

Where Are You Going?

First and foremost, you have the obvious point of planning your destinations to think about. Google Maps has made this process so much easier, but sometimes, you still can’t beat the good, old-fashioned paper kind. A couple of the most popular road trips include the area on the northeast coast between Sydney and Cairns, and the Great Ocean Road in the south. If you have time to spare and a sense of adventure, try to choose some of the lesser-visited corners of the country.

Choose a Vehicle

The vehicle you choose really depends on how many people will be joining you on your road trip, the distance that you will be covering and your own personal preferences. You may want to check out mini bus hire if you are going with a big group. You could also look into caravan hiring if you want to have a convenient place to stay along the way.

Sleeping Arrangements

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If you are particularly organised, you will want to have your sleeping arrangements on the way already planned. On the other hand, you may enjoy the sense of freedom that you get from not knowing your exact route in advance. To make things more affordable, you could get in touch with your network of friends and family to find out if there are people who can give you a bed along the way. If the weather holds out well, camping is one of the best ways that you can enjoy Australia and everything that it has to offer.

Get Packing

Stock up your vehicle with everything that you may need along the way. First of all, you have the obvious food and drink, but you should also be thinking in terms of things that will keep you safe along the way. A first aid kit, torch, tyre changing kit, blanket, cones and fluorescent jacket are just a few of the things which may well prove to be life-saving. Make sure that you have a full tank of gas and that your vehicle has been properly serviced so you can avoid any avoidable problems holding you up along the way.

Document It

A road trip provides the perfect excuse to make blogs, take videos and come back with hundreds of photos. Get everything set up well in advance and tell people about the blog site that you have set up so that they can follow your adventures as they are happening.


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