Judging one another on our pizza choices is the way of the future…so I’ve been told! Did you know that the pizza you love to eat is heavily influenced by your personality? And vice versa of course โ€“ who you are (if you happen to know that already) also tells us a lot about the pizza you choose to eat! The pizza personality might even be something you can start adding to your Tinder and Linkedin profile in the near future. Just don’t swipe without washing your hands first.

Delivery Hero is on a mission to discover the pizza personality demographic of Australia! What are you eating, how many of you are leaders, what do leaders prefer to eat and with who? At what time? and so on. The Pizza Personality Quiz below looks at your pizza eating habits and then determines your personality type with a few more pizza related behavioural questions. Post quiz they will analyse this data and let you know which personality type is eating what pizza and what are a few of their habits!

Tell us your pizza secrets below – one lucky entrant will win free pizza every month for a year! See here for all the terms & conditions.

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