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Sixteen Ounces

Today’s breakfast was at Sixteen Ounces, a small cafe at the city end of Victoria Park. It’s been on our list for some time as they have a reputation for great food and serve Five Senses coffee which always goes down well with me.

As we were heading south of the river first thing on this chilly Saturday morning, we arrived bright and early as the doors opened. Sixteen Ounces opens from 8am-4pm on Saturdays and 7am-4pm during the week but is closed on Sundays.

Sixteen Ounces

We were quite taken with the cafe itself, it has an easy-going feel and unique character but the style doesn’t feel contrived or over the top – i.e. not too hipster. The staff were all very friendly and there’s plenty of light inside which makes a change from many of the dark places around town where you can’t see what you’re drinking (let alone photograph it).

The seating is functional but perfectly comfortable, and you can also sit outside among the colourful Vic Park locals if you like. A Synesso coffee machine is always a good sign.

Sixteen OuncesI was in serious need of a decent coffee after a sleepless night and this long macchiato hit the spot nicely (although I’m always a sucker for a cup of Five Senses).

I bought some of their house-blend beans ($15 for 250g) to brew later on and was very happy that they came out of the grinder, and I wasn’t just sold stock that could have been on the shelf for ages.

Sixteen Ounces

Here’s the menu we had today (click to enlarge) with plenty of interesting dishes to choose from, all at reasonable prices.

Sixteen Ounces

I fancied something hot and savoury so ordered the “Cast Iron Baked Smokey Chorizo” with baked potato hash, fried egg, spicy tomato sauce & a piece of toast ($16.50).

These baked / egg / tomato style dishes are becoming very common around town, and I always thought they weren’t my kind of thing but I’m really enjoying them. This was my favourite so far – the chorizo was of the highest quality, potatoes were soft and fried egg perfectly cooked.

The tomato sauce was beautifully spiced, with just enough heat for a warm glow inside rather than the feeling that you’ve been punched in the throat. My only complaint was that I really needed a spoon and / or more toast to eat it. I’d definitely order this again.

Sixteen Ounces

Renay ordered the brioche French toast with salted caramel, grilled banana, bacon and nut crumble ($17). Wow. You can just see by looking at it how good this was – everything on the plate was of high quality, from the brioche to the bacon. The nuts added a really nice texture and the salted caramel wasn’t too salty.

Sixteen Ounces

Panela is unrefined whole cane sugar, apparently. It’s nice to see options when it comes to something as simple as sugar, rather than forcing the customer into an exotic choice or making them feel awkward for wanting sugar in the first place. A nice touch.

Sixteen Ounces

We were both surprised by how good our breakfast at Sixteen Ounces was – neither of us could fault the food, coffee, service, surroundings or price.

In just one visit Sixteen Ounces has placed itself near the top of my list of the best breakfasts in Perth. Highly recommended.

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