Perth Breakfast Review: Timber Cafe, Harrisdale

Timber Cafe

Timber Cafe

Timber Cafe is an interesting new cafe located in  Harrisdale, south-east of Perth. If you’re not sure where Harrisdale is, it’s a relatively new – but rapidly growing – area near Canning Vale and Southern River. It’s not far from The Roastery, if your body operates by caffeine-compass. I spent many years living nearby in Huntingdale, where my parents still live, so I’m familiar with the area and visit regularly.

It seems that most of Perth’s interesting new cafes have taken to the Northern suburbs or further south to Fremantle, so there’s definitely room for something in the area. Timber Cafe is located within the grounds of the Carey Baptist Church and College, just around the corner from the Southern River Shopping Centre.

Timber Cafe

The cafe has been very nicely fitted out, and best of all it’s quite roomy – no sitting on top of other diners like in some new places, and there’s plenty of room for prams and wheelchairs. There are also tables outside.

Timber Cafe is open 7 days a week from 7am until 2pm on weekends and 4pm during the week, although the kitchen closes at 2pm every day. I expect that it will be very busy around school start & end times, and also on Sunday mornings given that it is located next to a church.

Timber Cafe

Coffee is from Claremont roaster and awesome breakfast destination Typika. My long macchiato was very nice; you can even get a “medium macchiato” which I’ve never heard of before.

There are also a selection of cold pressed juices ($6.80), milkshakes ($7 / $7.50 take-away) and smoothies ($8.50 / $9 take-away). The banoffee smoothie with salted caramel sounds rather good…

Timber Cafe

My Mum ordered an extra-hot flat white, which came exactly as requested (the menu notes that coffee is served at “drinking temperature”, and to ask if you’d like it hotter).

You can see the very descriptive menu here, and it’s an interesting creation. There’s no simple “bacon & eggs” to be had – or bacon at all, for that matter. The closest you can get is eggs on sourdough (poached, scrambled or sous vide only) with chorizo and / or “Lakes Designer Free Range Ham”. I was really happy to see 62 degree / sous vide eggs on the menu, although there’s a lot of diners who prefer their eggs fried.

I can see where the menu is coming from, although it feels like they’re almost trying a little too hard. It’s certainly “on trend”, but not “game changing” as they say on reality TV. Time will tell.

Timber Cafe

My Mum ordered the “Almost Spring Vanilla Porridge” ($10), which was described as “a steaming hot bowl of rolled oats, made with milk, panela sugar & real vanilla bean. Topped with a walnut crumble & cherry compote, served with a small jug of cream”. She really enjoyed this, and I hate to say that it looked very appetising.

All of our dishes were presented very nicely, two using the Moda serving boards as seen at Tropico.

Timber Cafe

Renay chose the “Belgian Geisha” ($14), “freshly toasted Belgian waffles, topped with green tea mascarpone, seasonal fruits, pistachio & pure Canadian maple syrup”. This was exactly as advertised, and the sweet Belgian waffles were contrasted nicely by the not-too-sweet fruit and not-too-strong marscapone. The pistachios were a really nice textural and almost savoury addition to the dish.

Timber Cafe

There was no way I was leaving without trying a 62 degree egg, so I ordered the huevos rancheros  ($17), “a cast iron pot of grilled chorizo & spiced tomato ragu, topped with a perfect runny 62 degree egg (designed to be stirred though, thickening the rancheros to a perfect consistency) finished with soft sheeps feta, served with toast & chilli salt”. The level of spice in the ragu was spot on, the chorizo and feta were top quality and the egg was perfect. The chilli salt was a nice touch. Definitely as good as any similar dish I’ve had in Perth. 

Two things to note if you order this dish: 1. you will need to use the toast to eat it, or be prepared to find a spoon. 2. the pot will be extremely hot – I wasn’t warned about this, and thankfully it’s something I’m used to. You don’t want your kids burning themselves on the handle.

Timber Cafe


Other interesting dishes include avocado bruschetta with a mix of corn and quinoa salsa, baby tomatoes and a poached egg ($15), five types of mushrooms (!) pan fried in herb chilli butter with goat curd, rocket, dukkah and a poached egg ($17.50) and the item I nearly chose, the “ham scram sarni” with free range ham, scrambled egg, mayo, cheddar and rocket on a sesame brioche bun ($16). There are plenty of gluten free options available.

Timber Cafe

Timber Cafe is a worthy addition to Perth’s cafe scene, and there’s nothing to match it in the area so it deserves to do well. The menu is definitely interesting, and will no doubt draw a lot of curious diners from across Perth in the early days, I just hope it won’t alienate the locals who will be the cafe’s regular customers when the “newness” wears off.

In saying all that, we couldn’t fault our visit yesterday and I’d be very happy if this was my local cafe. The service was friendly, our food & coffee arrived very quickly, value for money was excellent and I’ll be back for the 62 degree eggs. It’s definitely worth travelling for if the menu appeals.


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