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tbsp. Bayswater

So how do you actually pronounce “tbsp.” you ask? “Tablespoon” is much easier than any of the alternatives but it doesn’t really matter, because this latest addition to Perth’s cafe scene is great however you look at it. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

tbsp. BayswaterI arrived not long after the 7am opening on the first Saturday of trading to find things already buzzing. Word had spread pretty quickly, and the crowds arrived fast. The following few weeks would see a large number of Perth’s food bloggers / instagrammers visiting at least once.

Located on a fairly uninspiring stretch of road in Bayswater (and just around the corner from the Little Cheese Shop), tbsp is open seven days a week from 7am.

tbsp. BayswaterMy Perth-predictable long mac. Coffee is a big deal at tbsp. and they do it well, although I wasn’t particularly blown away by this cup. Let me clarify – this was very good, I just think that great coffee is becoming the norm in Perth and only the bad coffee is standing out. Which isn’t a bad thing.

tbsp. BayswaterHere’s a dodgy phone-camera shot of the menu. Plenty of interesting stuff on here, as you can see. You’ll probably have seen most of these dishes on Instagram or Facebook if you’ve been online over the last few weeks.

tbsp. BayswaterFeeling reasonably adventurous but not after anything too heavy (ie with chips and / or hollandaise) I chose the chorizo & roasted tomato scrambled eggs on toast ($15).

These were really good eggs, soft and buttery, and it was evident just from the quality of the chorizo that they’re serious about food at tbsp. Surprisingly, my favourite thing on this plate was the toast. I don’t know how they made it so delicious, and I shudder to think how much butter / oil / whatever I ingested during this meal. But it was worth it.

tbsp. BayswaterOur second visit was the following Saturday for lunch and the cafe was almost full when we arrived, and there was a wait for tables not long after. I really like the layout inside, it’s open and there’s plenty of natural light. It’s pretty cosy but the tables aren’t too close together. Good for groups as well as couples.

There have been plenty of staff working on both visits and they all seem very friendly, making sure that the customers are well looked after. It’s great to see that the days of arrogant hispter cafe staff seem to be over.

tbsp. BayswaterFancying something a little different, I went for a cold drip. This was really refreshing, and is a drink I’m getting into – my favourite has been made with sparkling water, and they have a version at tbsp with tonic water, although it was $7 which seemed a little extreme.

tbsp. BayswaterGoing for something a little more lunch-y, I picked the pork belly with chorizo & potato hash, onions, peppers, fried egg & sriracha ($23) – spotting now that the original menu above had chimichurri instead of sriracha.

This dish tasted as beautiful as it looked – the pork belly was wonderfully soft, although my favourite part was the onions & crunchy potatoes! I’d be happy to eat this anywhere, for any meal of the day. And don’t be scared of the sriracha if you’re chilli-adverse, the heat isn’t over the top and this dish is a really harmonious combination of ingredients and flavours.

tbsp. BayswaterRenay chose the beef meatballs with tomato ragu, herbed buffalo ricotta and chargrilled garlic toast ($19). Mmm…more awesome toast! Once again, this was a great dish – tasty meatballs, rich ragu and a nice textural & sharp twist from the ricotta. This was another dish that would go down well at any time of day.

They’ve obviously put a lot of effort into the coffee and the food at tbsp, and they seem to have got it right on opening which is to admired. They deserve to do well, and hopefully the crowds will stay once the fuss dies down and Perth’s foodies congregate at the next big thing. Whilst the coffee was good, the real standout for me at tbsp was the food and I will most definitely be back to keep working my way through the menu.

Highly recommended.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • Tried this restaurant for brunch….menu needs an interpreter…coffees taste with “back palate tastes” a disappointment… was served quick enough….but not exceptional….we gave it 6/10….don’t think we will come back!

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