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SproloThe curiously named Sprolo on Canning Highway is a cafe “attached” to local coffee roasters Blacklist, which have recently become a firm favourite of mine. As always, we arrived as the doors opened on a Saturday morning in search of caffeine and good food.

SproloFor some reason I had it in my mind that Sprolo was going to be one of those tiny cafes where it’s nearly impossible to move, but it’s the complete opposite – it’s very large and spacious inside, which was quite a surprise.

As you may have noticed, the staff seem to be used to being photographed!

SproloCoffee to start, and no surprises that it was excellent. I bought some of the beans they use to make their milk-based drinks.

Sprolo Menu

The breakfast menu is actually quite small, so don’t go expecting to find a “normal”  full breakfast here. I know that their Singaporean breakfast is very popular (especially among Perth’s food blogging community) although I elected to try something else today, as much as I love sous-vide eggs.

SproloI chose the pulled beef toastie with chimichurri sauce and triple-cheese blend on sourdough ($11.50) , which was most enjoyable. The beef was soft, chimichurri present but not overpowering and just enough cheese to bring it all together. Not a huge breakfast, but if you like a toasted sandwich this is definitely one worth trying.

SproloRenay chose this pretty looking dish of chai-spiced granola with earl-grey poached pear, almonds, yogurt and steamed milk ($13). She loved this dish, it was very light to eat, perfectly spiced and all the flavours & textures worked well together.

SproloOne of those caramel donuts was privileged enough to be second-breakfast, thoroughly devoured in the car on the way to our next destination.

SproloI really like the sound of the chocolate & yuzu curd tart. The upside down croissants look good too.

SproloBeans! I was really impressed that one of the staff came over to talk to me when I was trying to work out what to buy, and gave me recommendations for different types of drink.

SproloThis was a slightly different breakfast experience for us, but one that we both enjoyed. Although there is a focus on the coffee, the food we had at Sprolo was great – there’s not a huge variety on the menu, but there still should be something for everyone. The offer of assistance when choosing coffee beans was very much appreciated, and you can see by the number of staff behind the counter that service is a high priority.

I was already a fan of Blacklist coffee, and was very happy with our experience at Sprolo. We’ll definitely be back. Highly recommended.

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