I really don’t make the trek to Fremantle often enough; there are just so many places on my list there to visit I think I’m going to have to move in for a few weeks.

Late last week I was in the area for some Taste of Perth business, and visited Rabbit in the Moon Cafe for a spot of breakfast.

Situated around some expensive houses and apartments, Rabbit in the Moon has a very high quality fit-out, and it oozes class from the moment you walk up to the glass frontage.

The atmosphere inside was casual, with lots of plants and interesting items of decoration around the cafe to lighten things up. The staff were also very friendly.

Like many, I was drawn to Rabbit in the Moon by Instagram photos of “mega milkshakes”, and I couldn’t possibly go there without ordering one.

This was the seasalt caramel waffle shake ($9), and also available is the peanut butter chocolate brownie shake (also $9) which looks even more ridiculous. What I loved about this was that is was decadent without being over the top, and of a drinkable size. The salted caramel flavour was spot on, and I happily polished off the waffle and all of the caramel popcorn.

Here’s the brekky menu…it’s nice to see some different items on here, the kimchee brioche standing out in particular.

This was a pretty easy choice for me – the spicy chorizo scrambled eggs ($16.50). This was a very generous serving, complete with good quality chorizo.

I would have liked some more chilli on the plate to increase the heat factor, but that’s probably just me (and I’ve been spoilt by the amazing akoori scrambled eggs from Tbsp).

It was fairly quiet when I was there, and while I’m sure they would have preferred it to be busier, I found it a delightful place to sit…indeed, I could have sat there staring at the view for quite some time. My excuse was that I was waiting for my body to process the milkshake so I could try the coffee. Alas I had to leave and do some actual work before that happened.

Here’s the lunch menu, also with a few interesting dishes.

The only thing I found awkward about my visit was parking. Rabbit in the moon is located in a fairly tight residential area, and parking is limited – this was made worse on the day of my visit as many of the roads nearby were closed for tree pruning. After a few laps of the area I managed to get a spot on a verge, so no major bother. Just don’t expect to find a car park.

I really enjoyed my visit to Rabbit in the Moon, and left with a full tummy and no complaints. Good service, great food and awesome shakes – next time I’ll definitely be trying the coffee, assuming I don’t fill myself up on the brownie shake first. We’ll see.

Open from 7am to 3pm Wednesday to Sunday, Rabbit in the Moon gets a “highly recommended” from me.