Perth breakfast review: Farside Espresso, North Perth

Farside Espresso

Farside EspressoI love trying new breakfast destinations, and today I headed out early to visit Farside Espresso in North Perth, a new cafe that has only been open for five weeks (and I drive past every day but have somehow failed to spot!)

It’s located on Fitzgerald Street opposite North Perth Plaza and right next door to 7 Grams Espresso which is an interesting move, although based on my rather average experiences at 7 Grams perhaps it’s a smart one.

Farside EspressoFarside Espresso’s modus operandi is simple, and very clear: Caffeine and Cuban sandwiches. Great stuff. This photo tells you just about everything you need to know!

Farside EspressoCoffee is from Perth-based Blacklist Coffee Roasters, and that’s my second time in two days. My long macchiato was spot-on, and I’ve become an overnight fan of this coffee.

Farside EspressoI chose the “breakfast cartel”, which is basically a cooked breakfast in a toasted sandwich – it came with my coffee for an extremely reasonable $15.50.

The sandwich contained bacon, sausage, egg, cheese & relish (and some unlisted green stuff, but I’ll let that pass). This isn’t the kind of thing I’d normally order for breakfast, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The sausage wasn’t overpowering, the scrambled egg was really creamy and the sweet relish complimented the rest of the ingredients perfectly. It wasn’t at all heavy, and I’d definitely have this again.

Farside EspressoIt’s getting hard to do something different in Perth at the moment, but they’ve pulled it off at Farside Espresso – a simple concept backed up with fantastic food and coffee. Even better, they’re open seven days a week from 7am to 4pm.

Highly recommended.

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