A night at the Parmelia Hilton, part 2: Breakfast, doughnuts and a very special morning tea

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill

Part 1 of my story of a night at the Parmelia Hilton ended with a full tummy and a comfy bed – as you would expect, day two began with a buffet breakfast…

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillPart 1 of my story of a night at the Parmelia Hilton ended with a full tummy and a comfy bed – as you would expect, day two began with a buffet breakfast. Served in the Adelphi Grill, breakfast is available from 6:30am to 10am during the week but starts at 7am on weekends…

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill…so by 6:55am I was downstairs, raring to go!

It’s been some time since I’ve had a buffet breakfast so was excited to see all the healthy things, sweet treats, and most importantly the steam from a well-stocked bain marie.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillThere was a good selection of hot dishes – the scrambled eggs were nice and soft, much better than the usual buffet effort.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillThis rather delicious baked ham was one of my two favourite items on the buffet, the other being the surprisingly rich baked beans.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillThere were plenty of fresh breads and pastries on offer, with all the usual accompaniments.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillEggs Benedict, omelettes, waffles and pancakes are an extra $7.50. Tea and filter coffee is included in the buffet, although “specialty” coffee was $3.80 extra…Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill…and was average, at best. Thankfully there’s a good juice selection.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillCongee isn’t something I would have for breakfast, but Cynthia was very impressed by the Asian selection (and even went back for seconds!)

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillWith our (very) leisurely breakfast over, we were put to work in the kitchens…well, we watched pastry chef Jo rolling out some doughnuts, if that counts.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillAnna cutting out some doughnuts.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillJo at the fryer, after the uncooked doughnuts had risen.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillExecutive Chef Michael Schmidt has worked with Hilton all over the world, and has been responsible for the Parmelia Hilton’s food and beverage offerings for the last ten years.

Today, he was the tour guide for our behind-the-scenes kitchen adventure, and was surprisingly happy to spend his morning answering questions and showing a group of bloggers how to squirt Nutella into a doughnut.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillHere’s the finished product, filled with lemon curd and Nutella. What did you have for breakfast dessert today??

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillFor the final part of our stay, we were taken to one of the hotel’s King Premier Suites on the tenth floor and served morning tea on a set of gold-plated Wedgwood china that has been with the hotel for decades. Thankfully we didn’t break any of it.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillEspresso panacotta with coffee syrup and biscotti.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi Grill

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillBerry mousse in chocolate cups.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillFruit and custard tarts.

Parmelia Hilton Adelphi GrillI had a most enjoyable stay at the Parmelia Hilton, and would have no hesitation in staying there if I was looking for accommodation in the Perth CBD – the quality of the bed alone is enough to warrant a recommendation. Both of our meals at the Adelphi Grill were excellent, and I’d be happy to eat there even I wasn’t staying in the hotel.

See the Parmelia Hilton and Adelphi Grill websites for more information.

All accommodation, food and activities were provided by Hilton Worldwide.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • I really like the Parmelia Hilton, it has a nice old school charm to it. We have used one of the meeting rooms for work a couple of times and having see some of the food you experienced, I think I might have to stop past for a meal in the restaurant πŸ™‚

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