Off the shelf: Smith’s Maxx potato chips

Smith's Maxx

Smith's Maxx

Regular readers will know that I can’t resist trying new varieties of many snack foods, with potato chips / crisps being high on the list. The new Maxx range from Smith’s brings extra temptation value with the promise of exotic meaty flavours such as “Ultimate BBQ Ribs” and “Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings” – let’s see whether they give me “Maxx Satisfaction”.

Smith's Maxx

Yes, these things are pretty big – much more substantial in size than your average potato chip, with each ridge being about 5mm in height. They also seem to be a bit thicker than normal crisps, but not by the extreme – sorry Maxx – amount that I was expecting. As you can see, this one is also very yellow.

I decided to start with the Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings, and as soon as I tasted one I immediately felt the need to cough. There was no flavour…some heat…but most of all a general unpleasantness in my mouth (and before you ask, I enjoy spicy foods and have no issues with very hot curries & chilli products). After a few of these chips I was able to kind-of identify the chicken flavour, but it’s still hard to escape the feeling that a jar of random spices has exploded in my mouth.

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If you decide to try a bag of Ultimate BBQ Ribs you will notice that an odd smoky-sweet smell comes wafting out of the bag, and unfortunately things don’t improve. Whoever at Smith’s tasted these and went “ah, ribs!” must have been on some serious drugs. The only flavour I can identify in this mess is pickled onion – like Monster Munch gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Smith's Maxx

I’m not a big fan of salt & vinegar so I didn’t try them – perhaps I should have, as it’s not the chips at fault here but the terrible flavours. What’s wrong with cheese & onion? Besides, I figured that two “man size” bags would be more than enough, even for my ample frame.

Unfortunately I gave up after just a few of each flavour, and the rest went in the bin.

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  • Who does the taste testing before you sell the shit that you sell Smiths… Can not get decent tasting chips in Australia….that is a fact…Smiths chips.crackers, all taste like shit. Only bag worth it is smiths vinegar with a bottle of coke and a dvd with a friend…that is once in a blue moon, like once a year maybe. This Maxx range…well besides that it took me long enough to bother buying a bag, cause from the start, they look shit on the outside and I knew they would be a bag of shit on the inside to,, but well I tried and bought a bag of the Maxx Spicy Chicken Wings, and the 1st one in my mouth, had no flavour, so a couple more in my mouth and then I tasted that strange wierd fake chemical taste that is the smell you get if you shove you’r face in the bag and take a deep breath, Fake wierd chemical flavour enhancer and some other strangeness that can not be good for my taste buds, or my stomach….Well Smiths, the fact remains, you’r product is shit, as per usual…bag of smiths cheese and onion that I get cravings for, is a little like pigging out on KFC, regretful to say the least by the time you have gotten half through it all…and you start thinking, yuck, why did I even bother…I will not be biased, but coming from South Africa, that has the best range of Simba chips and various other flavours, that you can pig out on, and feel bad and yuck simply cause you pigged out, With any chips I tried in Australia, you will not even mostly get to the pigging out point, cause they just so disgusting to start with…..I give up on you’r shit products Smithes, they should be tested again and made illegal till you have something worthy of young children and adults bothering with…My kids will be banned from ever trying you’r crappy shit chips…CRAP products

  • tried this at a mates house. felt strange to the palette because the large ridges. Rather the texture and flavours of roc deli chips but whatever happened to sam boys they were my go to BBQ and every other flavour from their range.

  • What are u talking about! I LOVE these chips… Unfortunately I live on the Gold Coast of Australia and mysteriously the spicy chicken wings flavour has disappeared. I have no idea why though and those were my favourite!banyone know why?

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