Off the shelf: chocolate and sausages, mostly

Gooey Choc Caramel

Here’s some more things I grabbed when left unsupervised in a supermarket. There seems to be a lot of chocolate this time around, I’m not sure how that happened…and no, I haven’t managed to try the Cadbury Vegemite chocolate yet, but I suspect it’s just salted caramel with some clever marketing slapped on it. And let’s not forget the UK had a Marmite egg this Easter.

While we’re talking shopping, have you tried the new Woolworths online website? It’s HORRIBLE – anxiety inducing, totally un-intuitive and seriously difficult to navigate. The “Pantry, Sauce, International Food, Health Food” category has nearly sixty sub-categories. I’m trying Coles next time.


Everyone knows you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat, so using the term “meat” loosely I’m going to start today’s reviews with these pre-cooked “bangers” from Hunsa I found in my local IGA.

The packaging is quite attractive, which is unusual for an item from the meat section. As well as this “Mexican Salsa” variety there are “Thai Chicken”, “Spanish Chorizo” (actually a pork & beef blend with “smokey Spanish spices”) and “Polish Kransky” (not with Mr Sheen, presumably).


Ah, that’s why they’re covered up – they’re ugly little bastards, and quite small compared to most sausages. I paid $4.99 for this packet of six.


Being pre-cooked, you can heat these in the microwave (ugh) but I threw them in a pan for a few minutes to crisp up.  They were still ugly.


These tasted like other pre-cooked supermarket hot dogs, i.e. not too horrible as long as that’s what you’re expecting. I didn’t really think “Mexican” while I was eating them, although I was left with a definite spicy aftertaste.

These are a bit of a novelty – if I wanted to eat an interesting sausage instead of a plain hot dog I’d go to a butcher and buy a fresh one. These are worth trying for something different, but I’d be surprised if they find their way into anyone’s regular shopping.


It’s not all about Vegemite when it comes to Cadbury, and I found this limited edition block in Big W while buying something non-food related. Well, okay, I was buying some cook books.


At least the fillings were the right colour. The raspberry was quite strong – in that familiar fake raspberry way – although the lemonade didn’t really taste of anything, and that was the flavour I was most looking forward to. Shame.

Arnotts Jaffa Delta Cream

Last time I checked out two of Arnott’s “Twisted Faves” but somehow managed to miss the Jaffa Choc Orange Delta Creams. I really hoped this wouldn’t just be a Delta Cream biscuit with the filling from an Orange Slice, but it was. Nice, but could have been so much more.

Gooey Choc Caramel

I found these in my local IGA, at a rather pricey $5.68. Surely anything encased in a delicious log would be…delicious?

It wasn’t clear what these actually were until I looked at JK’z Gourmet Kitchen’s website, and discovered they are mud cake logs, also available in chocolate mudcake, coffee tiramisu, choc cherry and lemon sorbet varieties.


This log was covered in dessicated coconut, which is not one of my favourite things (and not gooey, chocolate or caramel the last time I checked). Maybe these need to be at room temperature for the caramel to flow…but then they’d be really sticky. They’re rather solid, you wouldn’t need more than one.

The JK’z website is a great exercise in terrible English, and these logs are described as “Butterscotch and caramel flavours tempt the taste buds, then you recognise the coconut accents that fill your mouth.” Hmm. As for the Mud cake logs, they are “The richest most authentic mudcake in town. Acknowledged in the most sensuous manner, leaving delicate after tastes of choc and almonds”.

KitKat Miniatures

Presumably released just in time for Mother’s Day, this box of KitKat miniatures set me back a whopping $8 in my Woolworths shop, which may not seem like a lot for a box of chocolates until you see the total weight is only 228g.

KitKat Miniatures

There are 5 varieties of KitKat in the box, but where it gets odd is that there are 19 miniatures in the box – sorry white chocolate lovers, but you only get 3 while there are 4 of the others.

KitKat Miniatures

They’re rather small, but I guess that’s the point – this is the caramel variety. My favourites were the dark and cookies & cream ones. Gift worthy, but not good value for money if you just fancy a KitKat.


Another familiar item re-jigged is the Lindt ball, now with “irresistibly smooth sea salt caramel”. There’s no great surprises here, the salt wasn’t very strong and I’ve seen much better examples of chocolate & salted caramel. Eating these reminded how much better Willies Cacao is than Lindt.


I grabbed this some time ago, I think it was on special for 99c so figured I didn’t have much to lose.  And it’s EXTREME.


I had kept this in the fridge, and it was very hard when I pulled it out (ooer) – I nearly stabbed myself trying to cut it in half for this photo! This wasn’t really a Snickers, just some caramel with nuts embedded in it and I’m not sure what the point is. Stick with the original.

Apple & Blackberry crumble

Today’s reviews end with a hot pudding which I found in Coles. Blackberry is my favourite berry, and I wish you could buy them fresh but I don’t recall ever seeing them for sale in Australia. I know you can get them tinned or frozen, but it’s not the same, is it?

I can’t remember how much I paid for this pack of two, but Coles Online tells me they’re now $6.05. There are other desserts in this range, including creme brulee & “salted caramel and chocolate pot”

Apple & Blackberry crumble

The cooking instructions suggest 15 minutes out of the fridge then 30 minutes in the oven, presumably to stop the reusable glass ramekin from exploding. This thing was face-meltingly hot & bubbling when it came out of the oven.

Apple & Blackberry crumble

This was never going to be as good as a freshly baked crumble, but I thought it did the job pretty well for something pre-made.

The crumble was quite oaty and I would have liked it a bit sweeter – there also wasn’t the distinctive taste of blackberry that I love. The custard wasn’t very prominent and was presumably there to hold it all together – a dollop of fresh custard would have improved this a great deal. Not a bad effort, all things considered.

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