Off the shelf: Choc Banana Tim Tams

Banana Tim Tams

Banana Tim Tams

It was only a few days after I’d written about the just-okay banana m&m’s – and commented that banana isn’t a flavour that commonly appears with chocolate – that I learnt of the existence of choc banana Tim Tams, a limited edition exclusive to Coles.

This immediately raises two questions: 1. if they’re any good, why are they only at Coles? and 2. did someone at the banana essence factory accidentally make too much so they had to sell it off cheap? It’s certainly an odd coincidence.

Banana Tim Tams

Let’s keep this simple. I quite liked these – not enough to munch through a packet in one sitting, but in an okay-I’ll-have-a-second-one kind of way. This was a different banana flavour to the m&m’s, and reminded me of a “normal” banana milkshake more than the m&m’s did. There’s also a lot more chocolate than banana, and I think it helps that the flavours are kept separate.

I don’t expect these to end up in the bin, but I probably won’t be be going back for another packet. Definitely worth a try if you’re curious, and much better than the m&m’s.

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