Off the Shelf: Adriano Zumbo Tim Tams

Zumbo Tim Tams

Zumbo Tim Tams

Australian readers will need no introduction to Tim Tams or Adriano Zumbo – our very own Willy Wonka, celebrity patissier extraordinaire who has struck fear into the heart of many a MasterChef contestant. Six stores across New South Wales & Victoria are obviously not enough for Adriano – certainly not for us in the West *hint hint* – as he has now put his name to three new varieties of Tim Tam.

Tim Tam Zumbo

The three varieties are “Choc Brownie”, “Raspberry White Choc” and “Salted Caramel” – nothing really out of the ordinary but I guess you couldn’t go too weird without alienating lots of the general public.  There have been quite a few varieties of Tim Tam available over the last few years with different fillings and dark, milk & white chocolate so it will be interesting to see if these offer a unique Zumbo-grade experience.

There’s only five biscuits in each packet so be prepared to fight for the last one (or hide them from your loved ones).

Tim Tam Brownie

Starting with the “Choc Brownie”…it actually tasted a bit like a brownie, which I wasn’t expecting, although I felt that this was just another chocolate biscuit. The Tim Tam is based on the English Penguin biscuit, and I’d say that this brownie version is closer to it than the “standard” Tim Tam.

Tim Tam Raspberry

I tend to prefer dark to white chocolate, although I did enjoy a white Tim Tam or two when they were first available (and the white chocolate Twix is one of my all-time favourite chocolate bars…) This variety takes the white chocolate Tim Tam to the next level with a strong raspberry filling. I really liked these, the raspberry goes very well with the white chocolate – it wouldn’t have worked with dark or milk. These are rather sweet, but then again we’re not here for savoury…

Tim Tam Salted Caramel

…okay, well if you are here for savoury there’s the salted caramel. I had high hopes – although salted caramel is becoming a bit passé – but unfortunately I found these lacking in both caramel and salt. Maybe they couldn’t pack much more flavour in a small biscuit, although the raspberry tends to suggest otherwise. I was quite disappointed by these.

Tim Tams

I was surprised that the white chocolate raspberry was my favourite, and it’s the only variety of the three that I’d buy again. My all-time favourite Tim Tam is still the Double Coat (no, not choc orange) – although I’d happily swap them all for the return of the Arnott’s Mandarin Slice!

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