News: The KFC Popcorn Chicken Slab is Back!

kfc slab

Since when did new fast food product day move from Wednesday to Tuesday? Not that I’m complaining, because the KFC Popcorn Chicken Slab is back! For the uninitiated, it’s six dinner rolls filled with popcorn chicken, barbecue sauce and cheese sauce.

I often get dinner rolls as a side when I get KFC, especially when ordering tenders, so I’m not sure why some media are calling this “strange”. It’s just a chicken sandwich, and makes perfect sense.

“We’re excited to announce that we’re finally bringing back The Slab to KFC restaurants across the country. After first introducing The Slab in 2020, the response from our fans was huge and we’ve had lots of people demanding its return. So, we’ve listened to our fans, and it’s now once again available across all our restaurants for everyone to enjoy – either with friends or if you’re game, all to yourself! Like all good things, not even The Slab can last forever, so get in quick because this encore tour won’t last forever,” says Sally Spriggs, CMO at KFC Australia.

The popcorn chicken slab costs $10.95 and is available until the end of October in several combinations, including the optimistic “combo for 1” shown at the top. $10 buckets of popcorn chicken are back too, so there’s no need for grocery shopping this month. Enjoy.

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