One destination that was high on my “must visit” list on our recent New York trip was Umami Burger, a burger chain that started in Los Angeles in 2009 with a range of burgers designed to amplify umami flavours, and now has stores in California, Chicago, Las Vegas & New York. We lunch at the restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York.

See here for the story of Umami Burger, or if you’re not sure what “umami” is.

Our visit to Umami Burger was inspired by desire to try the “Alton Burger”, created by Food Network supremo and host of Good Eats, Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen – Alton Brown. This was one of a series of limited edition chef-collaboration burgers, with a dollar donated to The Make-A-Wish Foundation for each one sold.

If you’re not familiar with the work of Alton Brown, start here or here.

The Alton Burger was designed as a tribute to a classic southern breakfast, made with a special beef patty which includes Umami Burgerโ€™s signature beef blend mixed with bacon lardons.

The burger is topped with cheddar cheese, miso-maple bacon, smashed cheesy tots, a fried egg, fried sage and a special coffee ketchup created by Alton Brown himself.

The knife is plunged through the center of the egg yolk when the burger is delivered to the table.

This burger tasted unlike any that I’ve had before, and definitely hit the “umami” target – deep, rich and meaty are the words that come to mind when I try to describe it. The patty with embedded bacon lardons was super rich and moist, the cheesy potato tots were decadent and the coffee ketchup very savoury. The fried sage didn’t really come through, but I’m being picky.

Definitely one of the best burgers I have ever had, and probably one of the most unique I’m ever going to experience.

Gigantic, super-crispy malt-battered onion rings.

Of course Umami Burger has a “standard” menu, which you can drool over here.ย  Renay ordered this “Cali Burger”, with butter lettuce, roasted tomato, caramelised onion & cheese.

I’m really glad that we visited Umami Burger, with so many places to visit in New York it very nearly dropped off the list – it turned out to be one of the food highlights of our trip.

Sadly, the Alton burger is no longer available, but I look forward to visiting Umami Burger again the next time I’m in the USA.