New York Diaries: Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Our food expeditions when holidaying in New York City earlier this year were often hunting for burgers, and that meant spending quite a bit of time in Shake Shack.

Our food expeditions when holidaying in New York City earlier this year often involved hunting for burgers, and we spent quite a bit of time in Shake Shack. Although there are outlets all around the city, most of them are usually very busy and it took a few attempts before we found one without a queue too daunting to stand in. Once we got going though…

An interesting observation was that the menu was different in every store, from the burgers to the frozen custard “concrete” creations. Breakfast is only offered in a few outlets, and we were lucky enough to try it in Washington.

Shake ShackSo how was it? Delicious, and worth the wait – from the potato buns to the meat, be it beef or chicken. It’s still fast food, but it’s damn good and there is no equal in Australia.

The biggest surprise – and my favourite item – was the hot dog. A grilled sausage in a bun with no sauce? Yep, they’re great just as they are…I blame the soft, buttery buns. And as for the breakfast burgers…wow.

Now all I need is a West Coast trip to compare with In-N-Out Burger…

New York

The Theater District store is always very busy, although I did manage to eat there once in a rather hurried, cramped fashion. We had more luck eating at JFK before our journey home, although we flew out in the evening and were unable to order breakfast items, despite it being breakfast-time somewhere.


Wanting to see somewhere outside of New York, we took a (very) early 3-hour train ride to Washington on a day-trip. Conveniently, the outlet in Washington’s Union Station is one of the few that serves breakfast, and Shake Shack can even take a simple bacon & egg burger to the next level of hard-to-describe-deliciousness. Commuting through there regularly would be deadly.

Returning for dinner on our way home, we discovered that the chicken was also top class. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the concrete, it just seemed like a cup of hard ice-cream to me.


Due to a change in flights beyond our control, we had a 7-hour wait in Dubai airport on our journey home. Arriving just before 8pm on Sunday night, dinner was a no-brainer.

Neither the chicken or beef was as good as in the USA – and the veal bacon was a bit tough – but it was still Shake Shack, and that was good enough for us.

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