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Charlotte's Table

Charlotte's Table

Breakfast options in Ellenbrook are a little limited – Boutique Travel Cafe is always good, Mecca Gourmet is highly overrated, The Brook doesn’t do Sunday breakfast anymore…so more often than not we head out of the area.

But! Just when it seemed we’d have to wait for the new shops to be finished, there’s a new bistro in town – Charlotte’s Table has recently opened in the picturesque location previously inhabited by Charlotte’s Vineyard Indian restaurant. While it’s a shame to see that restaurant go, we can still get great curry in the area (Curry Lovers has always been my favourite) and there’s definitely room for more choice in the area.

Charlotte’s Table is open 7 days a week, serving coffee & cakes all day, breakfast & lunch from 7:30am to 3pm and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday – it’s really encouraging to see such a strong commitment to opening hours early on. We went there for breakfast a couple of days after it opened just over a week ago, and again this weekend.

Charlotte's Table

Coffee is from Five Senses, which makes me very happy. Here’s the cappuccino from my first visit, which could have been better, but they’d only been open two days so I’ll let that one go.

Charlotte's Table

My long mac from our second visit a week later was much better, but there’s still room for improvement. Given time, I expect the coffee here to be top-notch.

Charlotte's Table

Here’s the current breakfast menu, and you can also see the lunch & dinner menus here. As you can see, this is no run-of-the-mill selection – there are some truly interesting choices. Perhaps a bit too much fish, but that’s probably just me.

The dinner menu includes some nice sounding dishes such as buttermilk fried chicken with creamed corn & jalapeno salsa ($14 – yum!), pork & veal meatballs ($14), slow braised beef cheek with polenta ($28), sticky BBQ pork ribs with slaw & duck fat roast potatoes ($28), and so on… There’s also a kid’s menu, and for lunch you can get meatball sliders!

Charlotte's Table

My breakfast choice the first time around was a no-brainer – I had to try the ricotta hotcakes with maple glazed bacon steak and banana fritters ($18). The obvious issue here is that the bananas weren’t “frittered”, but I’d forgive just about anything for that bacon. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece of bacon that thick before, and it was seriously delicious – super soft and sweet from the glaze.

The hotcake was a bit too thick and not cooked all the way through, but I’m happy to forgive that in the first couple of days of opening. I will be back for that bacon, no matter what…

Charlotte's Table

Renay chose simple poached eggs on toasted sourdough ($12), which was just as you would want it – good quality ingredients, cooked perfectly.

Charlotte's Table

The second time we went back, Renay stayed with the poached eggs but I wanted to try something different, and fancied the sweetcorn fritters with smashed avocado on toast, cured salmon, dressed rocket and salsa fresca ($18) although I’m not a fan of fish for breakfast so asked if I could swap the salmon, which was done without fuss and here’s the end result with pork sausages.

The corn fritters were light puffs of corny goodness – like eating a classy cornjack for breakfast without the guilt. The smashed avocado was really well seasoned and I want to know where they get those pork sausages from, because I can’t buy ones that nice. This is another dish that I will be going back for.

Ooh, I notice that you can get the fritters with a sweet chilli dip at dinner for only $12…

Charlotte's Table

So, two visits within a week of opening and I’m very happy that Charlottes Table has joined the Ellenbrook party. It’s great to have somewhere decent to go when you don’t always have the time or inclination to travel, and I expect to be a (very) regular customer.

Even if you live outside of Ellenbrook, Charlotte’s Table is worth checking out. If you’re a local, get there before everyone else finds out about it. Recommended.

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