The winter weather is coming to an end which means all thoughts turn to one thing, BBQ season. We all know what a typical BBQ entails – burgers, sausages and maybe a kebab or two but doesn’t that feel a little boring these days? Ready to try something new? Check out these great BBQ dishes that will secure your place as the master of the grill.

Experiment with new flavoUrs

Image: Pexels

Who says BBQs have to have traditional flavors to be delicious? Not anymore. The street food movement has created a range of tasty inspiration that covers all kinds of world foods to bring new and innovative dishes to the grill. Indian-spiced chicken wings or Thai grilled prawns? Try out some new exciting marinades and put your grill to good use to try out some new and thrilling flavours.

Go vegan/vegetarian

Grilling meat on the barbie is a pretty standard skill – it doesn’t take much thought to flip a burger to produce a delicious result. For a more challenging meal, however, why not throw in some vegetarian and vegan options. Homemade vegetarian and vegan BBQ recipes are much tastier than store-bought varieties, and there’s great satisfaction in discovering new combinations to try. Contrary to popular belief, eating vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring, and you can experience a whole new load of burger combinations that are full of flavour and texture.

Try different cuts of meat

Image: Pexels

If you’re tired of the usual BBQ fare, why not mix it up? Trying different cuts of meat can make a BBQ far more exciting, and better for serving up everyday dishes. A nice hanger steak, some duck or even making your own pulled pork on the BBQ can bring together a load of new options to give you something different to bring to the table. Take a look at this excellent guide to the best BBQ cuts for inspiration:, you might find there’s some you’ve never considered grilling before.

Go leaner with fish

A BBQ is good now and then but if you regularly fire up the grill, it could spell bad news for your waistline. Cooking some fish options gives you the opportunity to eat a bit leaner from the BBQ, and you’ll find some amazing ideas for some BBQ seafood recipes here: If you’re nervous about cooking fish then doing it on a BBQ is possibly one of the best ways to do it, so don’t be afraid and get those Omega 3s!

Some things to remember

If it’s been a while since your last cook-out, you might need to give your BBQ some maintenance to make sure it’s still safe to cook. Give it a thorough clean and inspect for any damage, particularly the pipes for you gas BBQ. You can pick up replacement hoses at stores like, as well as other BBQ essentials. If your BBQ is looking a bit old and tired, this could be the perfect opportunity to invest in a new one.

Get some more great tips on mastering the summer BBQ here and make sure you have all of the essentials in place. Now you can use your new ideas to help you throw your best BBQ yet!