Naturally Nurtured Joins the Kalamunda Farmers Market

Kalamunda Farmers Market attendees can get their hands on delicious and nutritious West Australian fruits and vegetables this summer, at half the price of traditional retail produce! 

In Australia, it is conservatively estimated 25% of farmers crops never leave the farm gate simply because they do not meet the high cosmetic standards of consumers and supermarkets.  

The Naturally Nurtured stall at the Kalamunda Farmers Market is supporting West Australian fruit and vegetable growers by providing them an opportunity, free of charge, to sell cosmetically imperfect fresh produce directly to consumers.

What better time of year to save on the fruit and veggies shop than at Christmas! When everyone is watching their wallets, families can save approximately 50% on the fruit and veg bill just by purchasing produce that is a little wonky!

A kink in a carrot doesn’t make it any less nutritional – and by supporting this rejected produce consumers can help minimise waste and support local farmers. The produce available at the Naturally Nurtured stall is grown in the same crops of produce that are distributed around Western Australia, Australia and the world.

Naturally Nurtured encourages consumers to support farmers and reduce food waste by purchasing cosmetically imperfect West Australian produce.

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