Must-Try West Australian Foodie Products for the Home Chef

We’re sure it’s no surprise to anyone who follows Martin and his Morsels adventures that there are so many delicious West Australian gourmet delights.

Here’s something a little different: a guest post from Just In Time Gourmet, a great WA business that sells gift hampers filled with local products. Christmas isn’t far away…

We’re sure it’s no surprise to anyone who follows Martin and his Morsels adventures that there are so many delicious West Australian gourmet delights. From Broome to Albany, we are completely spoilt for choice.

In fact, there’s so many tasty WA foodie products to choose from that there’s just not enough time in the day to uncover them all and room to fit them in! That’s where we come in. At Just In Time Gourmet we are more than happy to put our taste buds on the line and do some research for you.

So today we want to share with you seven WA made gourmet treats you may have not yet come across and why we think all eager home-chefs might find these handy in the kitchen.

Truffle Hill Mushroom & Truffle Tapenade

We love truffles! Is there a better time of the year than truffle season? This delectable, indulgent and intoxicating ingredient is only available fresh during June-September. Which is why we love the range of Truffle Hill products that are available all year round. One of our favourites, is the Mushroom and Truffle Tapenade which can be used to make the most heavenly pizza. It’s also an awesome accompaniment to a cheeseboard or stirred through your favourite pasta.

Latasha’s Kitchen Orange, Jalapeno & Chimichurri Relish

We don’t know how Latasha does it, but she is a master at packing tons of deliciousness into a jar. This zingy, gorgeous relish is a pantry staple as it works so well in a variety of dishes from stir-fries to marinades to simply smearing it over a fresh piece of salmon that’s destined to be baked. To be honest the ideas on how to use this relish are endless – to the point that you may as well just buy 2 jars otherwise it’ll be gone way too quickly.

Arthur Wines Ruby Slipper Fortified Wine

What’s home-cooking without a wee tipple for the chef, right? Arthur Wines from Margaret River are taking your wine ‘o’clock to the next level with their Ruby Slipper Fortified Wine. This cherry and raspberry jam filled vino is great on its own, however it also makes a mean Ruby Sparkles. Simply add a splash to your glass of sparkling wine for a glistening ruby-coloured fizz for an extra special touch. It pairs well with cooking up a storm in the kitchen and it also leaves a lasting impression with dinner-party guests.

Wagonbox Biltong (Classic, Pepper Garlic, Smoky Chipotle, Mild Chilli and Hot Chilli)

This completely moreish range of Biltong is made in WA’s South West. There’s seriously no better accompaniment to a cold beer than this meaty and highly addictive goodness. But folks, biltong need not only be consumed straight from the bag. It is also a wonderful treat grated on freshly made popcorn or even over mashed potato for a bit of a protein kick. Spruce up your next snack or meal with this meaty delight.

Ogilvie & Co Wasabi Mustard

Mustard + wasabi – does that not sound like one hell of a combo to get the taste buds tingling? This gluten-free condiment will create an awesome dressing for your next potato salad or simply slathered on barbequed meats. If you want to add extra pizazz to your next meal, why not create some super-easy to whip up Wasabi Mustard Butter.

MyattsField Vineyards Verjuice

We have all heard of verjuice but surprisingly not many people use it. This unfermented grape juice is a home-cooks secret weapon in the kitchen as it’s so incredibly versatile. You can add it to marinades, gravies and sauces or use it to poach fruits or even create cocktails.

Maggie Beer has put together a ton of awesome sounding recipes with verjuice from Apple Aioli to Braised Beef Cheeks and even a mouth-watering Pear, Ginger, Honey and Verjuice Mocktail.

We especially love the MyattsField Verjuice which is made in the Perth Hills and it comes highly recommended to pick up a bottle or 3 of their award-winning wines too!

VinoFood Mandarin, Chilli & Shiraz Chocolate Sauce

A blog post on gourmet delicacies cannot be complete without a little sweetie to finish it off, right?

It definitely sounds like an interesting blend between the mandarin citrus, the zingy chilli and the wine-y Shiraz, but let us tell you, this is one awesome chocolate sauce! It’s always a favourite at shows and festivals and my oh my, it’s absolute heaven on freshly baked chocolate soufflés, homemade donuts or over ice-cream. Plus, don’t tell anyone we told you, but it’s also pretty good straight out of the jar!

These are only a minuscule amount of the delectable foodie products WA has on offer. We stock a range of West Australian Made gourmet foods on our website however we strongly encourage you to go out and explore our great food-loving state to see what you can uncover for yourself.

Also, don’t forget to follow The Shelf Life on Instagram for reviews of WA-made and global food products. We also give Dingo Sauce Co from Fremantle a big thumbs up!

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This article was written by Jodee Wearne, owner of Just In Time Gourmet who are helping to spread the word about all things delicious and gourmet throughout Australia. After all, someone’s got to do it/eat it!

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