During our recent honeymoon in Melbourne, Renay wanted to take a trip to the Chadstone shopping centre (some 30 minutes out of the CBD) to do some serious shopping. I wasn’t particularly keen, until I learned that there was a Lindt Chocolate Cafe in the centre – I’m not really a big fan of Lindt, but I figured that there was bound to be something nice on offer…

The Chadstone shopping centre is very impressive indeed, the kind of place you feel very under-dressed if you’re not covered in designer labels. Definitely no thongs.

Shopping done, it’s down to the important business…

The Lindt cafe is very nicely presented, and as you would expect it’s wall-to-wall chocolate.

The cafe is a pleasant place to eat, and there is additional seating outside the cafe in the middle of the mall.

Quite predictably, I ordered what was promised to be “by far the finest chocolate milkshake you will discover anywhere in the world”. It was nice, but I’ve had better.

Renay chose the sundae, which came with a huge piece of chocolate sticking out of it that could easily have severed an artery or had someone’s eye out if you weren’t careful.

The menu is extensive – there’s about 10 pages of it, including a few savoury items if you’re mad. Now I wanted to try one of these domes, which wasn’t in the menu…

…but of course it wasn’t available on that day, and I was thrown into deep panic having to make a complex and critical choice with an angry queue of mothers with prams forming behind me. So what did I pick? Profiteroles. Yes, the most boring thing on the menu. They were very nice – and the chocolate digestive biscuit base was great – but I wish I’d ordered something more exciting. Oh well.


While we’re talking Lindt, I purchased some of the new “Hello” range before we left Perth, and I’m afraid to say I was horribly disappointed. The packaging is great, but that’s about it. The strawberry one is so horrible that it stayed in the fridge for well over a month until it went into the bin. Ugh.

So our experience was a bit hit-and-miss at the Lindt cafe, although it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. If you’re a fan of Lindt then this is probably your idea of heaven – I’ll stick with Koko Black, thanks.