Monday Morsels – the Week(ish) in Review 07 Feb – 14 Feb 21

Black Pig Deli

Sunday 07 February

A bonus entry as last week was mostly Covid lockdown, bushfire evacuation and 4 days without coffee. Not a week I care to relive, too many biscuits and middle-of-the-night Macca’s runs.

Started my day with a visit to the new Viaje coffee in South Perth, which was a very pleasant experience. Rain, lockdown and masks could have made it particularly depressing but they let me sit inside and even served my coffee in dine-in cups! Coffee is from Darkstar and the toastie menu looks very interesting. I’ll be back.

Round two was breakfast at Ethos Deli & Dining Room in East Fremantle on secret potato business. A delicious culinary adventure as always. Had a quick wander around Freo markets but was unfortunately too early / full for a satay snack from Fluffy Lamb.

Monday 08 February

I’m terrible when out of routine so found myself rather lost first thing, especially with writing to do. Rediscovered the horrors of Perth traffic in the rain, made worse by driving past several schools at 8:30am on their first day back.

Popped out for lunch to try Munch Box Lunch Bar in Balcatta for a banh mi. It’s no Bunn Mee but the workers in that area are lucky to have this as a lunch option. I really need to try some of the more authentic banh mi places but I find them initimidating.

Went into the adjoining 7-eleven petrol station where I picked up the “exclusive” Dare peanut butter iced coffee. If you saw my post on The Shelf Life, you’ll know it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever put in my mouth, and made me question my obsession with limited editions. A sad day.

Tuesday 09 February

With my normal Willing “office” still out of bounds due to Covid I went back to Local & Aesthetic for coffee and breakfast. It’s a great space to work, and already quite spread out. I can see myself spending a bit of time here.

Went back to Willing for many coffees, making up for last week’s deficiency. Actually enjoyed sitting outside, despite the bin-heavy scenery.


Went to Coles to buy Golden Gaytime popcorn. Couldn’t find any, but still came out with a basket of random stuff. One advantage of self-service checkouts is there’s less judgement when you have a basket containing only junk food. Crumpets are healthy, aren’t they?

Corn-cheese-japaleno-BOOM things from Chicken Treat. Disturbingly easy to eat. Please take them away.

Excited to receive some new reading material. Alice Zaslavsky’s “In Praise of Veg” is stunning, and should be in every cookbook collection.

The horrors of combining baked beans and Weetabix started to spread across the globe. 

Wednesday 10 February

Breakfast at Carine cafe Potato Potahto, conveniently on potato business. They really do serve a damn good rosti, and the meatballs are good too. The French toast with banana was a little mushy, however.

Taste-tested some dubious products for The Shelf Life and photographed some new Kit Kats with a background that made me look like I was in a public toilet. I wasn’t, I promise. I liked the mint one but found the caramel one a bit limp, if you’re interested.

Finally visited Three Sisters in Mount Lawley for my second banh mi of the week, which didn’t impress I’m sorry to say. There’s a problem when there’s more cucumber than pork. Not convinced about charging extra for chilli, either.

Ended my day with a visit to Mary Street Bakery on a quest to secure this week’s special donut – key lime pie – but was too late so had to settle with a passionfruit curd one. Nice, but…boo. 

Thursday 11 February

Was overjoyed to find tables inside Willing again, so I didn’t feel like a homeless person anymore. Hurrah. Drunk a lot of coffee and didn’t get much work done.

Saturday 13 February

A busy day running around. Attempted to visit Wines of While for breakfast and arrived at 9am on the dot to find a large proportion of Perth’s 20-somethings already queuing so I left.

My final running order for the day was Willing, Black Pig Deli (amazing scrambled eggs as always), Meet & Bun and Kuld Creamery in Freo. Was great to go back to Kuld, and the raspberry cheesecake flavour was spectacular.

Sunday 14 February

Visited Knead Bakery in Scarborough, a brilliant bakery so much closer to my home than it is in my head, thanks to the Tonkin Highway extension. Stay tuned for a blog post (and more photos) about Knead as it approaches two years in business. They make amazing sourdough, bagels and great coffee from Toby’s Estate.

Had a very pleasant lunch at new Parisian-inspired wine bar Vincent Wine, despite it being Valentine’s Day! There’s a 200-bottle wine list but most will purchase by the glass, and that’s an easy experience.

The bistro-style sharing plates are excellent; with ex-Must Winebar head chef Andre Mahe on the pass you know it’s going to be good. Mahe’s signature charcuterie in particular is well worth your money.

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