Monday Morsels – the Week in Review 25 Jan – 31 Jan 21


I’ve thought about publishing a diary of my activities for some time, as I often visit places and try things that don’t make it to Instagram or get exposure until later in a freelance piece (such as in Broadsheet or WA Good Food Guide). I want to keep this off-the-cuff and light-hearted, meaning it will probably be a bit too honest and full of dodgy phone snaps.

I intend to publish these every Monday although the first week ended with Perth sent into Covid lockdown followed by being evacuated due to the Wooroloo bushfire, hence this first entry is bit out of whack. I’ll do better in future, I promise.

Monday 25 January

The morning started with my usual caffeinated stint in Willing Coffee, followed by a quick stop at Miller & Baker for bread and a chocolate croissant for breakfast (I’d normally have something savoury but there wasn’t much left) .

Ended up grabbing a burger from Christo’s in Landsdale for lunch. If you’re not familiar with Christo’s, it’s an industrial estate lunch bar that makes very decent beef and chicken burgers. It’s a bit out of the way, but definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. It gets busy so get there as early as you can, although they are pretty efficient at pushing out the food.

They have a new range of breakfast burgers (see the menu on their insta) that I haven’t tried yet.

Tuesday 26 January

A public holiday, which usually means I don’t go far. Coffee from Willing starts the day of course, and lunch featured the trauma of a cancelled Uber Eats order but that’s it.

Wednesday 27 January

My second visit to the relaunched Clarences Company Store in a week, this time for dinner. It’s great to see if this venue back in action, and the vibe is very much the same, despite a new team in place. With Dean Buchanan running the drinks program you know it’s going to be good. It’s still very dark inside, hence the lack of photos. Should have taken the camera.

Food is from chef Daire Fox, formerly of Vanish and Flour Factory, and is mostly shared plate options. Highlight of the meal was the roast potatoes. And no, there’s no cheeseburger or truffle mac & cheese.

Thursday 28 January

Satisfied my curiosity with a drive to Freo to check out Melts Gourmet Toastie bar (next to Short Order). I tried the “meatballs”, which unfortunately I found simultaneously bland and salty. Hmm. Wish I’d tried the “hot chilli peppers”.

Cheered myself up with Mars ice cream, on special for $6 and hard to resist after the great Snickers one. Didn’t disappoint either.

Friday 29 January

Visited new Mount Lawley cafe and retail space Local & Aesthetic. I wasn’t expecting to be particularly impressed but walked away with a Broadsheet commission. It’s nice to see a space like this done really well.

The menu makes interesting use of native ingredients, and this clever take on a “polony and sauce” sandwich is likely to be a hit, just because. Coffee is from Kaltiva, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Saturday 30 January

Attempted a change of scene with coffee at Bossman, only to start with an incredibly awkward exchange when I shooed away an attempt to show me the bag of filter I was about to drink, thinking it was an incorrect food order. Oops. Great coffee as always, though.

Headed to Wines of While for a very civilised breakfast of a ham & gruyere pithivier, orange juice and more filter, this time from Modus. Didn’t feel quite young or trendy enough to be there, but enjoyed breakfast nonetheless.

Sunday 31 January

Was enjoying lunch at South Perth Italian restaurant Automatic when news of Perth’s Covid lockdown came through, which brought the meal to a slightly abrupt ending. Nevertheless we enjoyed our Margarita pizza and fusilli with pork & fennel sausage, broccoli, garlic, chilli oil, pangratatto and pamagiano reggiano. Still one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Perth.

Automatic now serves breakfast on weekends, and you can see the menu above. It’s not huge but there’s a few interesting items to try. Probably good that they’ve resisted serving a breakfast pasta or gnocchi as they never seem to live up to expectations.

Lockdown starts at 6pm.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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