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It’s way too easy to go to Victoria and never leave Melbourne. We’re not saying that like it is a bad thing either. That is kudos to the exciting metropolis that is Victoria’s capital. Federation Square, Royal Botanical Gardens, the Southbank Arts Centre, the Zoo and Captain Cook’s Cottage. And they are just the attractions. There is also an infinite amount of tasty restaurants tours, bars, parks and cultural highlights that could wander the streets there forever. In that sense, Melbourne is kind of like a beautiful Venus flytrap.

But as hard as it may be, if you’re in Victoria, then you need to explore the world outside of Melbourne because there are incredible adventures just waiting to happen. So hire a car or, better yet, grab yourself a caravan and join the Caravan Industry Association Victoria because you could be exploring this state for a lot longer than you first intended. Seriously, there is so much to do, as we are about to show:

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The Twelve Apostles

There is a myriad of mesmeric things to see along the southern coastline of Australia, but one of the best has to be The Twelve Apostles. It is a collection of limestone pillars that rise out of the sea, standing proudly for all those cruising along the Great Ocean Road to see. What’s more, you should pack your bags and drive your caravan to see this site first because, while the name suggests there were once twelve of them, there are now only eight. So, hurry.

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Grampians National Park

Down Under is known for having some of the most incredible National Parks anywhere in the world, and the Grampians is one of the best of the bunch. There is just so much richness here in terms of vistas and culture and wildlife. Sandstone mountains peppered with wallabies and wildflowers, not to mention hidden waterfalls that tower over the Victoria Range, such as the MacKenzie Falls. Oh, yeah, it is well worth getting yourself a pitch somewhere here and exploring this place for as long as your legs will carry you.

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Yarra Valley Wineries

Exploring Victoria and not experiencing the Yarra Valley Wineries is like going to Burgundy in France and not stepping into their vineyards. It is kind of sacrilegious. What makes Yarra Valley so awesome to experience, though, is the fact you can rise on a Puffing Billy steam train. Here you can try some of their world famous wines from their stock in the cellar before getting to experience exactly how they can complement a gourmet meal if you so fancy.

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Squeaky Beach

Everyone loves the feel of sand being curled between the toes, which is something you can experience at Squeaky Beach. But what has given this place its name is the fact you can hear the sand here too. You see, the sand on this beach is made of bright white grains of rounded quartz that make a squeaking sound as you walk them. That isn’t all that is here, of course, because towards the north end of the beach there is what the locals call Wilson’s Prom, a rock formation that has created a maze full of wombats that are so worth a stopover.


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