McDonald’s trifecta: Chicken McWings, Mates Meals & Brekkie Box

To complete my third McDonald’s related post in a row, I’m taking a look at the latest additions to the Australian menu. These new items were first brought to my attention by Burger Business, and are now visible on the McDonald’s Australia website.

Chicken McWings. Hmm, I’ve always been suspicious of chicken produced by burger establishments. Can these possibly be as good as KFC’s Wicked Wings? They look a bit like fried brains in the picture.

The Mates Brekkie Box. Now we’re talking! Two muffins (choice of bacon & egg / sausage & egg), two hash browns and two “creamy Espresso Prontos” for $9.95. And there I was wondering what to have for breakfast tomorrow. What? No, I don’t have any mates.

The Beef Mates Meal with a Grand Angus, a Quarter Pounder, 10 McBites, fries and drinks for $15.95. According to Burger Business, the fries are a “shared fries”, being two large fries in a single container. But the drinks are small? Oh well, add a shake and that’s lunch sorted. There’s also a Chicken Mates Meal with two McChicken burgers instead of the Grand Angus & Quarter Pounder if your mates aren’t very beefy.

If you’re really into Maccas chicken there’s also a Family Chicken Dinner Box for $24.95 available between 5pm and 11pm that includes 10 chicken McBites, four McWings, two McChicken burgers, two Chicken n Cheese burgers,  two small fries, two medium fries and four small drinks. What’s with all the small drinks? Once that cup is packed with ice you’ll be lucky to get a mouthful. This seems like a fairly light and delicate introduction to McDonald’s chicken menu so that’s dinner sorted.

I think on Sunday I’ll be having a lie down.

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  • More like McWickedWings, if you ask me.
    McDonald’s are meant to be a burger joint and they go and steal KFC’s foods and ideas? This is despicable!


  • I lived in a time when McDonalds actually had wings in their menu! (in the 80s)
    So with all due respect, “KFC STOLE” chicken wings from the maccas menu

  • Maccas and kfc use to have a agreement where one does burgers other does chicken but about a year ago something changed not sure what happened but yeah so im thinking maccas will do chicken pieces like kfc soon? enjoy kfc while it lasts.

  • just so u all would know…..Mcdonald been having chicken etc in aisa for more than a decade now. =)

    both kfc and Maccas’s chicken taste different anyway. I don’t see the need to argue over this issue.

  • Uhh, its funny about this burger joint vs chicken joint argument, but Maccas actually has more chicken on hand than beef, I work there.

    Beef Products (all cooked on grill)
    10:1 (the size that goes on Cheeseburgers)
    4:1 (the size that goes on Quarter Pounders)
    3:1 (goes on Angus burgers)

    Bacon (cooked on grill)

    Chicken Products (all cooked in fry, with one exception)
    Seared Chicken (cooked on grill)
    Chicken Patties
    Crispy Chicken Patties

    Fillet of Fish (cooked in fry)

    Apple Pies
    Choc Bites (both cooked in fry)

    So there, in terms of different meat products, we clearly have more chicken products than beef. What about the burgers themselves?

    Cheeseburger, Double CB, Tripple CB, McDouble, (10:1 beef)
    Quarter Pounder, Double QP (4:1 beef)
    Mighty Angus, Grand Angus (3:1 beef)

    Chicken Deluxe (either seared or crispy chicken)
    McChicken Burger (chicken patty)
    Grand Chicken (crispy or seared)
    All the wraps have chicken as well, whether it be strips, crispy, or seared.

    Really, I think its hard to call Maccas a burger joint. For a long time they’ve provided chicken and beef, it is pretty much 50-50.

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