McDonald’s Smoky BBQ Bandit & Scorcher Peri Peri

The latest move in what seems to be a rather volatile tussle between McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s for Aussie customers is the launch of two new burgers from Macca’s, the Smoky BBQ Bandit and Scorcher Peri Peri. These new burgers follow hard on the heels of the popular Serious Lamb & Angus ranges.

I was quite excited to see that the Smoky BBQ Bandit has onion rings in it, one of my favourite things that is still far too uncommon in Australia (along with coleslaw). It is also includes bacon, a relatively uncommon addition in McDonald’s non-breakfast offerings.

Mmm tasty. Opening the lid it appeared that the onion rings were made from “real” rings of onion, as opposed to the Hungry Jack’s ones that are suspiciously all the same size. Unfortunately they tasted of nothing, and made what I expected to be an awesome burger into something rather bland and disappointing. Shame. The BBQ sauce was nothing special, although I must admit to having been a fan of HP spicy  BBQ sauce even before they shoved it in an Outlaw Whopper so I might be biased.

Peering into the backwardly-named Scorcher Peri Peri, there is a crusty looking patty, quite a lot of sauce and a smattering of lettuce. I remember being disappointed with Macca’s previous spicy attempts (e.g. the El Maco), however this time the chicken patty has a coating with a reasonable kick that is helped along nicely by the sauce. Slap in the cheese & bacon from a Smoky BBQ Bandit and this would be a half-decent burger.

These two burgers have been introduced at the expense of the ever-popular McFeast, which I expect will be treated much as the McRib is in the USA and be reintroduced about six months after the public demand its return. I won’t be rushing back for either of these.

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  • Tried the Scorcher a couple of days ago. I am a fan of hot and spicy and the duty manager actually told me it brought tears to his eyes when he tried it. I was excited to try it. When I got it home, I noticed a LOT of sauce, but all the lettuce seemed to have fallen out (if it were ever put on in the first place). I was disappointed with the hotness level. Barely got my lips tingling. I don’t even rate a sauce mildly hot unless my lips tingle. If I get hiccups then it is to my liking. Hotter than the El Maco, but nothing for the real fans of hot sauce.
    I just tried the BBQ Bandit today, and was not too upset. The addition of bacon was a nice surprise, but I agree with you in regards to the onion. Added volume, but no taste. I would probably enjoy the Bandit with the scorcher sauce on it. Something to ask for next time…

  • Based on your pictures, both burgers look good. Despite your comments, I would love to try ’em both. Thanks for this post!

  • Nice review, went to Macca’s today and saw both burgers – intrigued by the onion rings but won’t bother after your review. I love it when fast food places introduce new items, but if they’re good they always take them away, and if they’re bad then it’s kind of no surprise as it’s hard to beat the classics. I miss the Lean Beef Burger, I actually really liked the flavour and texture.

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