McDonald’s Hong Kong goes Black & White

This week’s crazy fast food limited editions come courtesy of McDonald’s Hong Kong with their seriously unappetising Black & White burgers.


“Dare to be dark” and try a Black Burger with a bun made from black squid ink & white sesame seeds, two beef patties, mashed potatoes, lettuce, bacon and “truffle” sauce. If that’s too disgusting for you then “dare to be plain” with a White Burger, which has a white bun with black sesame seeds, a crispy chicken patty, mashed potatoes, lettuce, bacon and pepper mushroom sauce. I don’t fancy either of those. Who puts mashed potatoes in a burger? You can read a Reddit thread from someone who tried them here.


Mmm matching desserts.

bw3So what else is on the McDonald’s Hong Kong menu…how about breakfast? Hmm, that pasta looks a little weird, and is that the eye of Mike from Monsters Inc...?


Now this looks a little more appetising! Just make sure you get ice cream and not mashed potatoes.

(via Brand Eating & FoodBeast)

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