Make Your Next Getaway a Camping Trip

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Throughout January, many of us start planning our next getaways. We have twelve whole months ahead and we tend to want to get planning out of the way early on. After all, prices tend to peak during the summer months when we start to get the itch to travel and getaway, spurred on by our friends and family members’ travel posts on social media. So, it’s not all too surprising that increasing numbers of us start browsing travel sites and travel agents’ deals around this time of year. Now, before you automatically start browsing package holiday deals to hot destinations around the world, why not consider something alternative? Rather than booking into a hotel room and spending your days lounging around the same pool, why not try camping?

Why Camp?

Camping is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can use it as a great way to pick up some new skills and bond with the people you head away with.

Choosing Where to Camp

The first step that you need to take when it comes to planning your camping getaway is to decide where you want to camp. Most people tend to opt for camping sites relatively close to home, but the world is your oyster. You could camp anywhere in the world! Just book some flights, collect your equipment when you land, and head into new and untraversed territories. Just make sure that you only camp in permitted areas. You don’t want to end up anywhere that is dangerous, has dangerous wildlife in the area, or where you are not legally permitted to set up a tent overnight.

Packing Appropriately

Packing for camping is going to be a completely different kettle of fish to camping for a standard beach holiday. You can ditch bikinis in favour of walking boots! Make sure to take thick socks, so that your boots don’t rub. You should also pack a combination of light and heavier clothes – the temperature can drop at night, but you could find yourself getting hot in the days. Layering is the key to success when it comes to feeling comfortable. You should also pack things like a first aid kit and water purification tablets for the sake of safety. Check out these best backpacking gifts to make sure you’ve got everything.

Picking Up Necessary Skills

When you camp, you can find yourself in situations that you don’t face on a day to day basis. You’ll need to be able to pitch a tent, to cook food on a portable stove, and to start and put out a campfire safely. You will also need basic survival knowledge, such as avoiding rivers and wearing shoes at all times in order to prevent yourself stepping on sharp matter.

Camping really could prove to be the experience of a lifetime. What beats sleeping under the stars? You could pick up new skills and spend some real quality time with your loved ones. So, start planning your adventure now!

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