Macca’s brings chicken to Create Your Taste!

Create Your Taste

Create Your TasteI liked McDonald’s Create Your Taste when it was introduced earlier this year, and had several good experiences in the launch store. I did wonder at the time whether the quality would remain consistent once it was rolled out to “regular” stores, and I must admit that I’ve had some varied experiences since it hit the mainstream. Now that the nationwide roll-out of CYT is well and truly underway, it’s time for the logical next step: chicken.

I was invited to sample the new chicken range at this weekend’s Perth Food & Wine Expo, ahead of the nationwide launch on October 21st.

Create Your Taste

Macca’s have built a rather impressive 40-foot long food truck that is being toured around Australia, and it certainly made its presence felt at the Expo. Chicken was on the menu for Friday only, with the standard beef option being served for the rest of the weekend.

Create Your Taste

But wait, there’s more! As well as adding chicken to the menu, there’s also some new sauces. When being taken through the creation of my burger, I was reminded that I could add up to three sauces, although that sounds a bit icky. Even more excitingly there’s also coleslaw, one of my very favourite things.

I was told that they’re fixing the counter-intuitive scrolling on the ordering screens, which can’t come quick enough as far as I’m concerned – 20 years working in IT and I still end up adding stuff I don’t want…

Create Your Taste


Create Your Taste

So here’s my burger – grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, grilled pineapple, crunchy slaw and Thai mayonnaise. I’m not normally one to order chicken over beef when it comes to burgers, but this one won me over – the chicken breast was moist, and the ingredients worked really well together. It wasn’t at all greasy, which has been my biggest issue with CYT beef.

I particularly enjoyed the coleslaw, which I’m guessing is the side-salad version they’ve been offering recently but I didn’t get around to trying. I didn’t really notice any strong “Thai” flavours in the sauce, but it doesn’t really matter – make no mistake, this was a fine chicken burger.

There won’t be any chicken options other than grilled breast at this stage.

Create Your Taste

Fellow blogger Take Me To Foodie Heaven was also testing out the new menu and here’s her burger, with the “baker’s bun”, a fried egg, bacon and more of that coleslaw. She was also a fan of the finished product, and like me not one to normally choose chicken over beef.

Create Your Taste

So based on today’s preview, CYT chicken deserves to be a hit for Macca’s. It’s made me realise that I can enjoy a chicken burger as much – if not more – than beef, and the burger I had today was definitely better than any CYT beef burger I’ve had.

Once again, it will be interesting to see how this concept translates from what is presumably a well-controlled environment at a very public event to the wilds of the average suburban Macca’s, but I’ll certainly be giving it a try – if you enjoy a chicken burger, so should you.

Roll on October 21st.

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  • i want this! i hate the beef at macca’s and hj’s – i won’t touch it, so i will definitely be trying the chicken option. i love coleslaw too 🙂

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