Lunch from the Cuban Sandwich Co.

I work on the outer edge of the Perth CBD (near the Arena) and there’s not a great variety nearby when you want to grab a quick lunch to eat at your desk, so I was excited to see a tweet from The Cuban Sandwich Co. (@cubansandwichco) announcing that their food truck was going to be on Murray Street (outside the Sony Centre) for lunch today.


The Cuban Sandwich Co. is a Perth-based food truck that sells Caribbean pulled pork sandwiches at events, markets, festivals etc – read more about them here. I was surprised to learn from Justin – one of the company’s owners – that they’re not really made welcome in the CBD because of other food businesses, which I think is a real shame – competition inspires excellence, guys! In saying that, Justin tweeted at 12:18pm that he’d sold out so lack of demand doesn’t seem to be a problem.


And here’s why (apologies for the non-glamorous photo, although as you can probably gather it was taken at my desk).This sandwich didn’t last long – beautiful slow-cooked pulled pork, mild jalapenos, garlic & coriander aioli and crisp lettuce on a crusty (but not too crusty!) roll for just $9. This was a fantastic sandwich, a real treat, and I would strongly recommend you try one if you get the chance. Come back soon, Justin!

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