KFC’s Zinger Pie Misses The Mark


I’d better start this review by declaring that I’ve never encountered a chicken pie that I really like. I don’t mean to be graphic, but the filling usually looks like vomit, with bland stringy chicken and random bits of veg that are surely there just to fill up space.

I’m a fan of KFC’s Hot & Spicy chicken and Zinger burgers so I was intrigued by the announcement of the Zinger pie, without getting my hopes too high of course…


It certainly looked pie-ish out of the bag. The pastry wasn’t at all soggy, and the “seal” around the top was thicker than you’d normally expect from a takeaway pie. Integrity while eating certainly wasn’t an issue.


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the filling just tasted like the same old stringy pie chicken without any consistent flavourΒ and random pockets of spice that didn’t taste remotely “Zinger” to me. It reminded me of how chilli chicken can be from bad Chinese restaurants, where the flavour and heat are never in your mouth at the same time. Not nice at all.

I was very disappointed with this pie, and most of mine went in the bin. Back to the drawing board, KFC.

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