Just passed your test? Check out these driving must-haves!


Congratulations on passing your test. You’re going to find driving independently for the first time incredibly thrilling and a little daunting, but if you remember your training and all those hours you put in before your test, then you’ll be fine.

You’re going to need to learn how to look after your vehicle, how to change a tyre and make sure that you have an insurance policy in place before you get behind the wheel – click the link to find out more about Qantas car insurance.

Also, before you hit the road independently for the first time, you should always ensure that you have certain items with you before you set off. Here we’ll explore the driving must-haves that every new driver should have!

A car trash can

The days of getting into friends cars that are filled with junk and rubbish are over. So, if you want to keep your car looking clean and tidy, investing in a totally useful car trash can is essential. If you’re planning a long road trip, this little gem will keep your car’s interior wrapper and packet free, as well as somewhere to store all those empty water bottles and fast food containers.

An emergency car pack

Anything can happen on the road, and the last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in one of Australia’s remotest areas. A jacket to keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop is essential, as well as bottled water, boots, food (non-perishable), a first aid kit, sunglasses, a torch and a map. You might also want to have jump leads and a spare tyre and jack available in your vehicle.

Spare change

Coming up against an unexpected toll? Having some spare change readily available in your vehicle will ensure you don’t have to go the long way around.

Your documentation

No one wants to be pulled over by the police, especially when you’re a new driver. Sometimes police pull over vehicles to conduct random checks. This is why it’s important to have all your vehicle documentation with you. Your insurance details, your license and registration documents should be placed in your glove box for safekeeping.

A dashboard pad

Phones, keys and your wallet. Having them rolling around on the passenger seat is distracting and frustrating. Instead, consider purchasing a silicone dashboard pad where you can keep everything you need within reach. If you’re using your phone’s GPS, then finding one that props up your smartphone is ideal.

Something for the kids

If you’re driving your kids around, then keeping them occupied will allow you to concentrate and reduce the likelihood of you being distracted behind the wheel. Some simple travel games, pens and paper or even some small toys will keep everyone in the car happy.

And finally, an empty fuel can

The idea of running out of fuel sounds ridiculous, but you might be surprised at how often it happens. Having an empty fuel can in your car means that if you don’t make it to the fuel station, you can always walk or hitch a ride to the next one.

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