Just a quickie – Bellisimo Ristorante Pizzeria, Rockingham

Heading home on a wet Monday after a morning of job interviews, I decided to stop for a quick bite to eat. Fancying pasta, I decided  try Bellisimo Ristorante Pizzeria on the Rockingham beach front. I had an enjoyable family dinner there a few years ago so expected to have a nice lunch.

There was only a couple of others dining in the restaurant so I had the pick of the tables, although the smallest set was for four. The very friendly waitress proceeded to clear the other three places from my table, and kept doing so even after I told her not to bother because I wasn’t going to be there long. A nice touch.

I wasn’t feeling overly adventurous so decided to give the lasagna a go – although you could argue that it’s always an adventurous choice in this town. I was introduced to lasagna as a child at Domenics restaurant in Fremantle, which I remember as being all plastic tablecloths and mismatched cutlery. I guess my parents used to go there because the food was great for the price – to this day, I still look for the hard boiled egg when I order lasagna.

Bellisimo’s menu includes standard Italian fare – pizza, pasta and more than one type of risotto which is unusual in Perth in my experience. My lasagna was $17, with most pastas being in the $15-20 range. Main courses were in the $20-$29 range. Unfortunately the attentive waitress removed my menu before I could grab a snapshot.

After no more than five minutes my lasagna arrived:


The somewhat overdressed salad extends to the edge of the plate under the lasagna, hence the Titanic / tilt tray look about it. Another nice touch – the waitress offered me parmesan and actually left the dish with me, rather than scurrying away after dispensing a couple of meagre sprinklings as is too often the case.

So how was it? A sizable and satisfying slab of pasta but nothing special. Would I complain at $17? No. Will I go back? Yes, and I’ll probably order something more interesting but I have a feeling that I’ll be disappointed. Well done to the waitress.

Bellisimo Ristorante Pizzeria
Shop 2, 7 Railway Terrace
Rockingham   6168
(08) 9592 9666

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