It’s Mantime, again: The KFC Zingin Double


Regular readers and fast food fans will remember the fuss caused by the launch of the KFC Double Down in the USA, and then its Australian appearance in 2011 as part of KFC’s “Month of Mantime” promotion named simply “The Double”. At the time, I described it as “one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever attempted to eat” so I wasn’t particularly excited to hear of its return during KFC’s Good Charlotte fuelled frenzy of faux-coolness. My go-to KFC item is a Zinger with bacon & cheese, so when I heard of the new “Zingin Double” I decided to revisit the scene of the crime.

Side note: If you’re not familiar with the concept, the Double (Down) features two chicken fillets in place of a hamburger bun, with cheese, bacon & some kind of sauce in the middle. The “Zingin Double” swaps the chicken fillets for Zingers, and the sauce for a “chili relish”. The “shocking” replacement of bun with meat of course sends nutritionists etc into a panic, although at the end of the day it’s just an extra chicken fillet, and there are many worse things you can eat.


So down to business. As you can see at the top of the page, the Double came in a snazzy silver “It’s mantime” container last time. Nothing as glamorous this time around.


The chili relish is a hot, sweet chili sauce, with more heat than you’d expect from a fast food chain.


If you put the novelty value aside, this thing isn’t really very appetising to look at.


So how to spruce it up? Maybe add a KFC dinner roll for a more rounded experience.


Or perhaps eat as part of a “balanced” KFC meal?? Anyone for spicy coated chicken cordon bleu with chili relish, freshly baked dinner roll, french fries and creamy coleslaw? But seriously, the most practical way to eat the Zinger Double is with a knife & fork, as it’s just too big to fit in your mouth.

The Zingin Double isn’t as disgusting as the original, but only because the Zinger fillets aren’t as oily and the creamy sauce has been replaced with chili relish. I still couldn’t finish it, and this take on the original rates as one of the most pointless things I’ve ever attempted to eat.

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