If you’ve ever wanted to know what skydiving feels like without the trauma of throwing yourself out of a plane, iFLY is for you!

Safe for just about everybody, the technology behind iFLY has proven popular in the Eastern States and overseas, and Perth’s iFLY opens to the public on December 17.

I was privileged to be invited along to the VIP launch party for an early look, although I declined the invitation to actually take a flight. Maybe one day…

So what is it? Quite simply, it’s a gigantic wind tunnel (bloody big fan).  Step inside the glass cylinder and a massive wind generator propels you into the air.

Introductory sessions include plenty of training, suits and safety gear. As your skills improve on return flights you can develop acrobatic skills and even fly in groups like in the picture above.

Demo pilots wait their turn. You could be next…

iFLY is suitable for children and even people with disabilities. Kids between 6 and 16 can become a “Junior iFLYER” and there’s a special school education programme to help students learn about gravity, mass and velocity.

Here’s a video I took at the launch event. It shows you what can be done in the iFLY, but you’ll probably need quite a few sessions behind you before you can do this!

iFLY Perth is located on the corner of Great Eastern Highway and Belmont Avenue in Rivervale – you really can’t miss it. A family open day will be held on Saturday December 17 from 10am so you can go and see what it’s all about.

Flights cost around $50 each with a range of packages available for frequent flyers, kids parties and corporate events.

Check out the iFLY website or Facebook page for more information.