How to Travel and Earn Money Simultaneously

It is, for many, the pinnacle of lifestyle utopias to earn money as you travel. You may for years have dreamed of taking to the road with a laptop in tow, earning enough to get by while sampling the delights of the world’s cultures and cuisines. Well, this article is here to tell you it’s nowhere near as difficult to make this dream a reality as you might have thought. Below are listed four ways in which you can make money while travelling the world, sustaining one of the best jet-setting lifestyles out there.

Social Media

If you can curate a social media following who’re keen to watch your travels on Instagram, YouTube or through your own personal blog, you’ll be able to monetise your travels fairly easily. On Instagram, hundreds of ‘influencers’ are paid to feature products in their feed to their thousands of fans. YouTube and blogging platforms give content creators a slice of the profits generated by the web traffic consuming your videos or blog posts. This is a simple and effective way to earn money as you travel – if you have the social media prestige to pull it off, that is.


It might be a little precarious, but freelance writing, editing, designing or any other remote skill is a fabulous way of earning money while on the move. You’ll need a reliable laptop and good electricity and internet in order to really make the most of this lifestyle without letting down your employer. You’ll be able, in the best-case scenario, to work in short bursts so that much of your day can be enjoyed in relative peace and luxury. With digital payments technology ensuring you’ll get paid weekly or monthly without fail, you’ll not need to worry about receiving a paycheque, either.

Rent Out Your Home

Renting out your home while you’re travelling is one of the greatest ways to earn money. You might have friends, friends of your friends, or relatives looking for a place to live while you’re travelling. Instead of leaving your house empty, renting your place can help you earn extra cash, and it can even pay for your travels.

That said, here are some preparations you have to do when renting your place.

  • Create house rules.
  • Take photos and videos of the house.
  • Price correctly.
  • Add welcoming touches.
  • Clean and stage the house.
  • Create a website for a house showing.
  • Inform your friends and relatives.
  • Advertise through newspapers.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of someone living in your home and using your belongings, you can try other options. For instance, before travelling, plan on building a house that you can rent out. You may seek help from lenders such as online home loans and get low-rate construction loans for the home building. That way, you can still earn extra income and gain peace of mind while travelling.

Online Store

Many savvy internet users with an entrepreneurial edge decide to start up their own online store to make money as they travel. With someone based ‘back home’ to do the sorting, packaging and sending (although this might equally be managed from the point of production in foreign countries) you’ll be free to manage the business side. It might sound an easy ride, but there’s a lot to manage on this side of things, including forecasting, analysis and ecommerce platforms management. Be sure to bring in outsourced help if you need it – they’ll certainly provide an excellent ROI while you’re out sunning yourself.

Hostel Work

If you’re young and happy to live on the budget side of life as you travel, there’s a whole world of hostel work out there to take advantage of. You simply have to handle reception, prepare breakfast, wash sheets or tidy the communal areas in return for free broad and accommodation. While this may not mean you’re making any money, it does essentially mean you’ll be travelling for free, which is the dream of many young world backpackers with endless time to enjoy the thrills of solo travel. 

Teach English

If you’re a native English speaker, teaching English while you’re travelling is one of the ways you can earn money. More and more people are becoming interested in learning English to enhance their career prospects, resulting in more job opportunities throughout Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, and more. 

You may send applications to schools in Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, and other countries in demand of English teachers. Additionally, this type of job pays well, and you can have a flexible schedule. 


If you’ve got itchy-feet syndrome, then it might be time to take some of the advice provided above in order to travel and earn at the same time.

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