How to Pack Your Gadgets for Travel Quickly and Easily

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Selecting vacation spots can be fun. But do you know what isn’t? Packing for them! While organizing your clothes, footwear, documents, and personal hygiene items are easy; it’s often a challenge when your gadgets are involved.

How do you travel with your expensive MacBook pro? Or your Panoscan MK-3 panoramic digital camera? What precautions should you take to ensure that they are safe? Should you even pack all your gadgets when traveling?

This post offers you tips on how to travel stress-free with your gadgets.

1.   Select your most important gear

Whether you are traveling for a short weekend getaway or a business trip, it’s important you avoid stuffing your baggage with all your gear.

Pack light.

The duration of your trip will determine what you need. But, regardless of how long you intend on spending away, try to practice some minimalism.

Do you need your IPad and MacBook? Why not go with your MacBook and leave the IPad at home? What about your game console? Is it really necessary? You can play games on your MacBook, you know?

Pack only essential stuff, including charges, portable battery, headphones, phone, and anything that may come in handy during the trip or is required for your trip ( e.g., a laptop for business meetings or an adapter for international travel).

2.   What is your mode of transportation?

Before you embark on your vacation, it’s important you determine your mode of transportation.

Are you traveling by air, land, or sea?

Remember, each mode of transportation has rules governing what you can (and cannot) bring on board. For example, if you are traveling by plane, check the company’s website to determine rules concerning what you can bring onboard.

Of course, ammunition, firearms, explosives, and other dangerous items are barred. However, other innocuous things like a portable USB charger, bottle, or water may be among the barred items. So check the service provider’s homepage for rules and regulations before traveling, so you aren’t caught off-guard.

3.   Security prep

In addition to traveling light and arranging your gears orderly, you may also want to put measures in place to ensure they are safe. First, ensure that your IOS, browsers, and apps are updated to prevent hacking.

You also want to download a VPN app if you intend to use public Wi-Fi. And you may want to unlock your iPhone for international use. You can do that using this tip: You can also check if your iPhone is unlocked or not. You need to unlock your iPhone, so it becomes easy to use with international carriers supporting your phone’s network.

4.   Go for a smaller carry-on bag

Of course, this may sound counterintuitive. But, when it comes to traveling, especially on a short trip, it’s important you use smaller carry-on bags.

And why is that?

If you go for a bigger bag, you are more likely to fill it with unnecessary things. Instead, go for smaller bags, especially if you have a history of overpacking. You can consider smaller bags with multiple side compartments to ensure enough space to store your essentials.


Preparation is key when traveling with your gadget. Determine your mode of transportation and check for rules or restrictions before booking. It’s also important that you travel light. Go with small carry-on bags and only select necessary items. Plus, ensure you take security preparations before traveling to protect your gadgets.

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