How To Make Café Style Coffee At Home

Professional coffee machine for home use.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cup of coffee. From its rich aroma to the explosion of flavours, coffee is high on the list of beverages for how all-around amazing it is. Moreover, having a barista brew you a cup will surely be an eye-opening experience.

Given it’s their area of expertise, baristas have a knack for enhancing everything good with coffee that might even sway coffee haters. That’s why coffee drinkers adore coming into cafes every chance they get, whether before they go to work or right as they’re about to head out travelling. But even though you’re only staying home, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a cup of café style coffee.

However, having a cup of coffee that tastes similar to the ones sold at cafés might be challenging unless you have it delivered to your doorstep. After all, not everyone is a professional barista. Here’s how to brew coffee that tastes like it’s straight from a café shop:

  1. Do Your Research

Many consider coffee brewing an art form. With how delicate the process is, everything must be considered, from the ingredients to the condition it’s in. Otherwise, the whole drink might end up ruined.

Although you can always settle with instant coffee powder, consider using whole coffee beans. They make any coffee drink rich with flavour. Moreover, they’re fresher than ground or powdered coffee. Fortunately, Will and Co and other coffee shops sell high-quality coffee beans in sealed packages.

Aside from the kind of coffee bean, knowing where it came from is just as crucial. After all, depending on where it’s derived, coffee beans from different regions retain unique flavours that make them stand out. For example, Guatemala coffee beans are typically sourced from Central America. What makes it excellent for new coffee brewers is how balanced they are from all sides, be it flavour or roast.

  1. Invest In Quality Equipment

Accuracy is a valuable quality when brewing coffee. Because of how delicate it is, adding too much or too little ingredient is bound to change the entire drink. Fortunately, there’s no need to eyeball the proportions when you have technology helping you out.

There’s something personal with grinding coffee beans. Unlike pouring a coffee sachet packet into the coffee machine, grinding them on your own requires more effort. Even if you have a coffee grounder, ensuring your beans are ground uniformly is already a lot of effort. After that, measure the ground-up coffee to guarantee everything has the right proportions.  

  1. Take Care Of Your Beans

Given how sensitive beans are, it’s only natural for coffee beans to behave the same way. Receiving too much sunlight will speed up the coffee beans’ aging process until they lose that freshness. Meanwhile, keeping them refrigerated won’t be any help, either. Considering they condensate in the cold, the moisture they accumulate will ruin their rich flavour. Instead of putting them anywhere else, even a protective container could do the trick.

French press coffee
  1. Add More Flair  

Quality breeds quality; using cheap ingredients likely won’t garner a five-star rating for the dish you’ve created. The same principle applies to brewing coffee. Even if you’re handling water, it must be filtered for the flavour to pop out further. And there’s nothing like the sweet, bubbly goodness only found in steamed milk. Despite being ‘plain’ base ingredients, doing something special can bring them to the next level. 

  1. Clean Your Equipment  

A nice cup of coffee is supposed to taste smooth and rich. That’s why it’s easy to pinpoint when something’s wrong with one’s coffee. However, consider checking your coffee machine for those who tasted the bitterness of something burned. After all, coffee beans produce oil. Hence, the more you use the machine, the more oil accumulates inside. Include regular cleanup after using the machine to avoid collecting leftover coffee beans. 

  1. Look Up Recipes  

Even if you only want cold brew coffee, looking up the recipe is better than relying on estimates the entire time. After all, brewing coffee is a delicate process. Use too many or too few ingredients, and your cup of coffee might be unsalvageable. Moreover, specific temperature requirements must be met for the coffee blend to mix correctly. 

  1. Keep Practicing  

Your first cup of coffee won’t be perfect, especially not of café-level quality. Because even if you followed the recipe to a T, other factors must’ve affected the brew, such as a clumsy brewing method or pouring technique. However, brewing coffee day after day is an excellent way to get used to the motions. Before you know it, your coffee will look like a professional made it.


Starting the day with a cup of coffee might be just the thing to kick things off properly. Although, only settling with instant coffee doesn’t hit as much as drinking coffee brewed at café shops. However, there’s no need to go there when you can make one alone. As long as you treat coffee brewing as an intricate process, the coffee you’re making might be good enough to be sold at a café.

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