How To Make A Five Star Meal At Home

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There’s nothing in life like the thrill of discovering a brand new place to eat – new flavours, new scenes and new dining experiences are precisely what makes living in a location like Perth so vibrant. But if you’re craving a foodie fix but need to stay home, is it possible to create something restaurant standard at home? If you’re bored of plates of uninspiring pasta when you aren’t eating out, perhaps it’s time to up your culinary game and become inspired by some of the sights and flavours you see out and about. Where do you begin with serious home cooking and how can you capture some of the excitement and flair of the restaurant scene? Where should you splurge and where can you save?

Select Your Dishes

The best restaurants plan their menus in advance, and take advantage of seasonal and local produce to capture dishes at the peak of their flavour potential. So get thinking about what dishes you’ve tried recently which have fired up your senses and inspired you – was it that amazing pad thai that you raved about to your friends, or that juicy gourmet burger? Cooking with ingredients which inspire you is the secret of many professional chefs. You want to start by picking something ever so slightly out of your comfort zone, but equally not way above your skill level either. Gather some go-to cookbooks from your favourite chefs or destination restaurants, who have an ethos you can get on board with easily – whether that’s slow comfort food or the latest Vegan taste sensations. 

Plan Great Ingredients 

Check out the ingredients list well in advance, so that if there’s anything obscure you can order it online or hunt it down in the local shops without any last minute panic. If you’re really struggling, there is often a swap you can make. Just search ‘substitution ingredient for….’ whatever you’re having trouble sourcing, and chances are someone has already been through the other side and found a solution. Take advantage of a hello fresh review to see if a service like that could supply you with all the essentials you need for a dish. If there’s anything which feels surplus to requirements, don’t be afraid to make a swap or take it out entirely. Your replication is never going to be exactly like the restaurant, so take that as a freedom to experiment and add your own twist to a dish. This keeps the process manageable and more fun for you.

Shop Local For Success

For a special meal, skip the supermarket and head to your local specialty stores and suppliers instead. Fine dining depends on the quality of the raw ingredients, so find that award-winning butcher, or hunt down that ethnic store which stocks the best pomegranate molasses. This way of shopping allows you to access the expertise of these artisan food producers, who know so much about their products and how to cook to get the best out of them – so be willing to listen to a little advice. You will also feel much more excited about the dish you’re creating if you are inspired by your unusual ingredients. Pair with with a great wine and it can be the next best thing to dining out.

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