How to Have an Amazing Picnic in Perth

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There’s nothing quite like an outdoor picnic on a beautiful WA day so you can appreciate good food, great company and the exquisite scenery of our state all-in-one. While you may already know a few good picnic spots that are local to you, there’s an abundance all around Perth that you should also take a look at.

A good picnic spot doesn’t necessarily have to be a park or public garden – but with Perth being less dense than other major cities in Australia, we have plenty of open space to fit in a wide variety of bespoke picnic areas. If you’re keen to have a relaxing and memorable picnic in Perth, or just want an open space to sate your late-night hunger, there’s absolutely no shortage of great places to add to your shortlist!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top picnic spots around the city of Perth and how you can make the most of them this summer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any extra suggestions for great picnic spots around Perth.

Stirling Gardens, Perth

This is the oldest series of gardens in the city, but you would never be able to tell due to how well-maintained it is. It was opened up as Perth’s botanical gardens over 100 years ago in 1845, and it has since transitioned into a quiet and relaxing space just outside of the noisy CBD.

There are also several novelties to see at Stirling Gardens, including sculptures of Kangaroos, a gigantic fig tree and the iconic Australian children’s book creations Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Picnic tip: Don’t just bring food and drinks! Make sure you’ve at least got a ball to kick around – or better yet, bring along some super soakers or even just a mini cricket set, depending on your preference.

Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth

This little earthly paradise is a favourite lunch spot for people working in and around West Perth, providing a serene backdrop to your picnic, complete with a waterfall rock cascade and abundance of native flora.

Some of the trees at Harold Boas Gardens are truly ancient, with the oldest trees dating back to the beginning of the last century. These massive trees provide the perfect natural shade for your picnic.

Picnic tip: Bring an esky along to keep your drinks cold, especially when you’re out on a scorching hot WA summer day.

Queens Garden, East Perth

This is a gorgeous outdoor space with waterlily filled lakes and soft grassy picnicking areas in abundance. The entire garden is exceptionally well cared for, with an impressive array of landscaping done to keep the lawns perfectly manicured, and trees standing tall and healthy.

The only downside of this spot is that it’s too good! Seriously, you’ll walk in and instantly identify several perfect spots for you to claim for your picnic – think fast!

There’s also a close replica of the Notting Hill park bench here for movie buffs to take a pic on/with.

Picnic tip: Bring along a meal you pre-prepared at home rather than picking something up at the supermarket on the way! Whip up a big batch of American beef meatballs at home, then take it in a bowl to the picnic for everyone to enjoy.

Kings Park, West Perth

Another excellent picnic spot in West Perth is Kings Park, which you might think of as the brother to the aforementioned Queens Garden. You can find a fantastic place pretty much anywhere you go here, and there are impressive views of the Perth skyline/harbour.

This place also has public BBQs you can use to cook up a storm, so bring along a pack of snags and throw on your apron!

Picnic tip: Many of these public BBQs will be double-sided, allowing two groups to cook on separate areas. Be prepared to potentially mingle with other picnickers and be wary of cross-contamination with regards to allergies and dietary restrictions.

Heathcote Reserve, Perth

Located in the Perth suburb of Applecross, Heathcote Reserve stands out as a great place if you want to enjoy picturesque riverside views while you picnic. With such a peaceful spot overlooking the river, you’ll be relaxing in pure bliss.

It’s even better if you have kids because of the in-built playground there. Parents can kick up their feet while easily keeping one eye on their kids in the adjacent playground.

Picnic tip: A riverside spot is the perfect place to fly a kite or even set up a canvas and do some landscape painting. Take advantage of the awesome riverside views!

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