Product review and giveaway: Cholula Original, Chipotle & Chilli Garlic hot sauce!


I like a ridiculously hot sauce as much as the next chilli-fiend, but there’s a market for sauces that provide flavour without too much heat – one such product is Cholula Hot Sauce from Mexico.

CholulaWe don’t get a huge variety of hot sauces to choose from in our rather bland Aussie supermarkets, but visit any local food festival and you will see that the demand – and the product – is there. Much of the attention, however, is on sauces that would be too hot for many, but there’s still a market for those wanting chilli flavour without too much heat. One such product is Cholula Hot Sauce.

According to the blurb, Cholula Hot Sauce is produced in Mexico and is the result of a generations old recipe – it’s named after the 2,500-year-old city of Cholula, the oldest still-inhabited city in Mexico. It’s available in supermarkets across the USA and Canada, and now in Australia in its Original, Chilli-Garlic and Chipotle varieties (Green Pepper and Chilli Lime are also available in the USA).

A quick search finds the original variety available in Woolies at $5 for a 150ml bottle. The obvious comparison product is Tabasco, which sells for around $8 for 150ml.

CholulaAll three varieties are milder than Tabasco, and the Original a lot less sweet which I think makes for a much more balanced product. The Chilli-Garlic has a very pronounced garlic flavour and the Chipotle is smokey, as you would expect. I’m not sure where I’d use the chilli-garlic, but I can quite easily see the other two adding flavour to dishes such as shepherd’s pie, where I usually try and sneak in something habanero based and hope my wife doesn’t notice…

As I said above, these sauces aren’t particularly hot. According to the website they sit at around an “enjoyable” 1,000 Scoville units – Tabasco sauce, by comparison, sits at around 2,500 – so there’s no point in comparing them to local favourites Devil’s Tears, S**t The Bed or my most recent discovery, the fabulous new Tempestuous Lava from Sublime Spices.

The Cholula brand philosophy is “enhancing while never overpowering”, and these sauces seem to deliver on that count. They would certainly be a great way of introducing chilli flavours into your cooking without the heat that some just can’t handle. Recommended, but not if you like it hot!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a set of sauces to taste and prizes described below by the Australian distributor.

Comeptition time – Cholula Hot Sauce giveaway!

Your reward for reading to the end of this review is the opportunity to win some of your very own Cholula Hot Sauce, kindly provided by the folks at Cholula. To enter, simply comment below or follow the instructions on my related Instagram post here. Winners will be selected at random at 5pm (WA time) on Friday, 25 March 2016.

One lucky winner will receive a set of all three flavoured hot sauces, while three runners up will each receive a bottle of “original” flavour.


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  • Would love to give this a try. Sometimes you just want flavour with a touch of heat.

  • Wow , looks and sounds bloody sensational. Would love to win a sample of not will have to look up buying some. X

  • I am a chilli sauce fiend but I haven’t tried the Cholulua chilli sauce. I would love to try some!

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