Hitting Perth Without Piling On The Pounds

It isn’t always easy to do what’s best for our bodies when we’re away. The temptation to indulge in local cuisine is always strong, and that can be unhealthy. Add to that the fact that most of us (rightly) move less when we go away, and it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. This is especially risky in areas like preth, which have some amazing dining destinations going begging. You could spend your whole trip in a location like this lavishing yourself with luxurious food. You could even gain so many pounds of excess luggage that you’re unable to board your plane home. Just kidding. Seriously, though, you could end up feeling a little more sluggish than you’d like. That, in turn, could ruin your chances to see the fantastic Perth sights on offer.

With that in mind, it’s worth thinking about how to keep your health in check during your stay. We’re not saying you need to wake up early every morning to greet the sun with yoga salutations. But, you might benefit from taking the following foodie suggestions onboard.

Eat vegan sometimes

Meat is notorious for making us feel ‘bleugh’ after eating. That’s why you could benefit from eating vegan for some of your stay. Most cities now have killer vegan restaurants, and Perth is no different. These restaurants tend to rely on fresh produce from companies like Morco wholesale vegetable suppliers Sydney, who provide fresh and healthy deliveries across Australia. A meal in restaurants like these is sure to leave you feeling ready to go at all times. Options to look out for include Lord of the Fries in CBD, and Chick Pea Vegan Cafe in Fremantle. Add these to your itinerary, and say hello to a healthy vacation lifestyle.

Know the best delis in your chosen area

Everyone knows that vacations tend to be unhealthy because we eat out every night. Cooking in your vacation rental is sure to leave you feeling better. Of course, Perth has standard supermarket options like Woolworths. But, you may also benefit from shopping in Delis around your chosen area. There are some fantastic options like Gelati & Sons in Fremantle, and The Herdsman in Churchlands. Delis like these offer everything from cured meats to fresh fruit. They could see you cooking up tasty meals which are still a world away from what you might have at home.

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Everything in moderation

At the very least, it’s worth noting that everything is fine in moderation. There’s no way you’re going to want to hit Perth without trying killer eating destinations. But, doing this three times a day, every day of your stay just isn’t sustainable. This is an easy enough issue to address with a little thought, though. If you know you’ll be eating our in the evening, pick up snack options to keep you going through the day. Alternate between eating out and cooking in. As soon as you start to moderate, you’ll find your whole vacation becomes a more enjoyable experience.

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