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Hermosa Cantina

Hermosa CantinaFor many local foodies – myself included – Tropico North Beach has established itself as one of the best places in Perth for any meal of the day (and the coffee & sweet treats in between).  It was with some excitement that I learnt of the opening of Hermosa Cantina on Cambridge in Wembley, a “Spanish inspired eating and drinking house” from Tropico’s owners, George Fowler & Garry Kemp.

Even though visiting a new restaurant shortly after opening often results in a long wait and disappointment, I had high expectations for Hermosa Cantina – and a rumbling tummy having seen the menu. We arrived just before 7:30 on Saturday morning expecting a crowd and were surprised that we were the only customers.

Hermosa opens at 7am every day except for Mondays, when it’s closed all day. Closing time is 4pm on Tuesdays and until late Wednesday to Sunday.

Hermosa CantinaThe front of the restaurant is where the coffee happens. Presumably the open space is to give takeaway customers somewhere to wait without loitering in the restaurant. Clever.

Hermosa CantinaAs I’ve come to expect from Tropico, there’s always something in the counter fridge that you wish you still had room for. Today it was fried chicken on corn bread with pimento mayo.

Hermosa CantinaThe restaurant itself is really nicely set out, from the impressively expensive front door to the well-stocked bar, comfy chairs (there are armchairs too) and simple but attractive tables.

Hermosa CantinaAs at Tropico, Hermosa’s coffee is from Bondi Beach based Will & Co, and didn’t disappoint this morning. My long macchiato was beautiful.

You can see the full Hermosa Cantina menu here, and as you would expect it comes with a Spanish influence. Some of the more interesting options include baked smokey Spanish beans with crispy pork belly, soft eggs & corn bread ($18), corn tortilla with smoked salmon, curds, salsa, soft herbs & pickled red onion ($17) and a “Green breakfast” of baby spinach, fried green tomato, avocado, pistachio & poached egg ($16).

Hermosa CantinaI chose the patata fritta (potato fritter) with soft eggs, chorizo, and tomato & red pepper salsa ($18). Unfortunately I found this dish rather bland. The potato didn’t have much flavour and I like a lot more punch from my chorizo (apologies if I’m causing offence with my western palate). The eggs were perfectly soft and runny, but it just felt like something was missing from the dish as a whole.

Alas I don’t have room for breakfast dessert these days, otherwise I’d have tried the lime churros with brown butter & lemon curd and warm white chocolate ($14).

Hermosa CantinaRenay chose the “pan con mushrooms” from Margaret River and goat’s cheese ($12) which was a very generous serving for the price. Two of these would have been sufficient, and they each had huge piles of mushrooms and a thick smearing of goat’s cheese. She really enjoyed this, although Tropico’s roasted mushrooms are her favourite breakfast dish and this wasn’t quite as good. It’s a hard act to live up to.

Hermosa CantinaThere’s no question that we’ll be back to Hermosa Cantina. It’s only been open for three days, and it was unfair to expect it to have reached the stellar heights of Tropico so soon. I have no doubt it will get there in the weeks and months to come and become one of the hottest places in town, even with the likes of Asado to compete with.

You may wish to get in quickly before everybody else finds out about it.

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