Gourmet Poshdog Takes Perth Hotdogs to the Next Level

Gourmet Poshdog

I first met Jordan from Gourmet Poshdog early last year when he invited me to visit his new food truck, serving hotdogs from Wanneroo Road in Balcatta.

Gourmet Poshdog

I first met Jordan from Gourmet Poshdog early last year when he invited me to visit his new food truck, serving hotdogs from a desolate spot on the side of Wanneroo Road in Balcatta.

Not quite sure what to expect, I was suitably impressed. Not only was his food of high quality, it was prepared with care and precision, and Jordan somehow pulled off combinations I’d never dream of putting on a hotdog. It was clear that he was a force to be reckoned with, and was going to make his mark on the Perth food-truck scene.

As a keen supporter of small business – and lover of good hotdogs – I wrote a story about my visit to Gourmet Poshdog and it remained one of my top posts for some time. I was thrilled when Jordan told me that people still mention it today.

Gourmet Poshdog

Fast forward to 2017, and Jordan is doing as well as I expected him to. He had issues early on breaking into the hyper-competitive Perth market scene, and while he has had success in that area, private catering is now his main focus.

He’s in demand, and guests at his events are very fortunate indeed.

Gourmet Poshdog

Jordan recently invited me to see him in action at a private catering event, and we caught up at a Friday lunch he was catering for workers at a Jandakot engineering firm. 

Gourmet Poshdog

I’ve seen many food trucks in action – and spent what feels like a lifetime queuing at some – and I feel safe in saying that Gourmet Poshdog operates like a well-oiled machine. Working solo, Jordan fed 40 workers (some of them twice) in just over an hour.

All Gourmet Poshdogs are served on brioche buns using sausages made to Jordan’s recipes and topped with relishes and sauces made in-house. Perth hotdogs don’t come any better.

Gourmet Poshdog

The German Dog is a popular choice with a bratwurst pork sausage, steamed sauerkraut, fried onions, diced bacon and mustard.

The Japanese dog (pork sausage, teriyaki sauce, fried onions, Japanese mayo and nori strips) is something I would never have ordered but my delight at the mix of tastes and textures has stuck in my memory.

Gourmet Poshdog

The Thai dog is another great combo-example with its free-range chicken sausage, fresh homemade slaw, peanut sauce, topping of crushed peanuts and coriander, and of course plenty of chilli! 

The full Gourmet Poshdog menu includes plenty of choice from the pizza dog (pork sausage, homemade tomato sauce, gooey cheese and pepperoni) to the Greek dog (lamb sausage, cos lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Greek yoghurt, black olives and feta) and everything in-between. There’s a fish one, an Indian one made with Tandoori chicken, vegetarian options and even one made with duck confit. You get the idea.

Jordan is always happy to customise dogs to customers’ requirements, and all can be made with vegetarian sausages.

Gourmet Poshdog

Jordan regularly donates food to charity, and is sponsoring a series of hotdog eating competitions to raise money for the homeless. It’s fantastic to see a small business giving back to the community.

Gourmet Poshdog

If you’re interested in hiring Gourmet Poshdog for your next event, contact Jordan on  0474 044 908 or at gourmetposhdog@gmail.com.

See Gourmet Poshdog’s Facebook page here for more information, and check out more photos from the lunch event I attended below.

This post was sponsored by Gourmet Poshdog.

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